Issue 5691 (22/05/2020) contents

Title Author Page
The chimes of Wimborne Minster, Dorset Alan Bentley 504
Letters to the Editor 506
Strategic Priorities 6 Simon Linford 508
Ringing and restoration at St Peter (RC), Lytham Sid Lloyd 509
The bells of the Tollbooth Steeple, Glasgow Michael Foulds 510
What’s Hot on BellBoard 512
Peal Reports 513
Quarter Peal Reports 513
If the Henry Johnson Dinner were a touch of Stedman Fran Cinderey 514
A word with ... John Hughes-D’Aeth Simon Meyer 515
On Completing the Calendar – Part 1 Lynn Scales 516
A Leeward tale Elizabeth Johnson 518
Obituaries – John Hawtin 519
Obituaries – Derek Fowles 519
Notices 520
A frivolous footnote? Sue Marsden 521
Puzzle Page 522
Thought for the week Peter Davies 523
The image of the week 524

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