Saved searches & alerts

Saving searches

Saved searches are ways of storing a search that you make frequently and can be used to receive alerts when new performances or events matching your search criteria are added to BellBoard. To save a search, first make sure that you are logged in. Then perform a performance or diary search in the usual way, and use the Save link at the top of the search results.

Editing searches

A list of all your saved searches can be found on the account page. You can edit or delete your saved searches from there. You can also opt to display or hide the search from the site menu (on the left of the page).

Email alerts

A saved search can be used as an email alert. When new performances or events are added to BellBoard that match an alert search, you will receive an email notifying you about the new performance or event.

You can opt to receive alerts immediately when a new performance/event is received, or you can opt to batch the notifications into a nightly, weekly or monthly email. This can be configured by locating the search on the account page, and then editing it.

Weekly emails are sent in the early hours on Monday morning (UK time), and monthly emails on the 1st of the month.

RSS feeds

It is possible to use a saved search as a custom RSS feed. Simply select the Publish checkbox and enter a brief description of the search in the Description of feed box. You will see links by the search in various places on the site which you may use to add the feed to your preferred RSS aggregator.

iCalendar feeds

The results of saved diary searches can additionally be exposed via an iCalendar feed allowing integration with your preferred digital calendar service. This feature is activated in the same way as RSS feeds: tick the Publish checkbox and enter a description in the Description of feed box. You will see 📅 links by the search which can be used to import the search results into your preferred digital calendar software.

Personalised Diary

You can choose if the events within a saved diary search appear within your personalised diary using the appropriate checkbox on the page used to save diary searches.