RSS feeds

It is now possible to get custom RSS feeds from BellBoard. This is currently an experimental feature and may be subject to change.

Make sure you are logged in. Do a search for the performances you wish to incorporate in the feed, and save the search using the Save link at the top of the results page. Alternatively, you can base the RSS feed on an existing saved search. To do that, go to the account page and follow the link to edit the saved search in question.

On the saved search page, select the Publish as RSS check box and enter a brief description of the search in the Description of RSS box (e.g. Peals rung by the Borsetshire Archdeaconry Guild).

You will now see links by the search in various places on the site, including list of saved searches on the account page. By publishing the search as RSS, it is no longer private to you, and the link can be safely copied onto a website.