Event types

BellBoard now has a number of new event types available to diary subscribers which event creators can use to categorise the events they create. The use of these event types should make it easier for BellBoard users to find events in the diary that are of interest to them (e.g. via saved diary searches).

Some event types allow the event creator to specify additional information about the event (e.g. if the level of ringing is expected to differ from the usual standard at that tower) or gather responses from BellBoard users interested in attending the event.

Event responses

When specifying an event type, event creators may enable different functionality relating to how users can respond to an event.

Depending on the event type selected, event creators will be able to select between three options: disabling user responses, enabling sign-up style responses or requiring users to submit an expression of interest in the event which can then be approved or declined.

Please refer to the event responses help page for more information on how each of these response types work.

Ringing levels

On some types of event, it is possible to select if the level of ringing is expected to be higher, lower or the same as is usual for that tower. This is intended to help indicate special practices such as learners practices or advanced practices.