Event responses

When specifying an event type, event creators may enable different functionality relating to how users can respond to an event. Note that this functionality is only available to subscribers of our diary product.

By default, BellBoard users will not be able to interact with an event at all. Depending on the chosen event type, the event creator will be able to set how users can respond to their event. Currently there are two possible response types that can be chosen between: sign-up style responses or expressions of interest with an approval system.

Sign-up style

BellBoard users will be able to specify if they intend to go to the event, are currently unsure as to if they will go to the event, or cannot attend the event. The event creator is then able to see the results of these responses in the form of an aggregate number showing the number of users that selected each option. It is not possible for the event creator to see which users selected which option.

We intend that this functionality will be used when event organisers wish to obtain an estimate of the number of people they can expect at their event, but it doesn’t matter exactly how many people attend the event or who they are e.g. for ringing meetings or open practices.

Expressions of interest

For this response type, users can express interest in attending an event or say that they cannot attend the event. The event creator can then see the BellBoard name of the users that respond to their event and either accept or decline any expressions of interest in attending the event via BellBoard. This will send an email to the respondee with the result of their expression of interest. Note that this process occurs via BellBoard and the event creator will not be able to see the email addresses of the respondees for their event.

We imagine that this functionality may be useful when you need a specific number of people at an event, but you do not have a specific group of people you wish to invite to the event e.g. requests for assistance to help at a special practice, or for people to fill a missing spot for wedding ringing.

It is not intend that this functionality would be used for organising events such as quarter peals where you may only wish for specific group of people to know about and attend the event. All of the information about the event is already public on the BellBoard event page and any BellBoard user can express interest in attending the event.

In the future we intend to add an additional type of truly RSVP response functionality where invitations to a specific event can be sent to a specific group of people decided by the event creator. We believe that this will be more suited to organising events such as quarter peals.