Lancashire Association — Blackburn Quarter Peal Day (aka Kara's Grand Day Out)

Saturday, 29th December 2018

A couple of months ago Bob had the bright idea of arranging a quarter peal day on the Saturday between Christmas and New Year. The theory was that there would be a quarter peal attempt at each of the three Blackburn towers each involving an improver from that tower – one consolidating plain hunt, one to get practice at triples and one improving plain bob minor. However, in the way that these things do, the plans fell apart a couple of days before when two of the victims, sorry improvers, had to pull out. Fortunately there was enough slack in the people available to fill in the spaces and, with some modification, all three attempts went ahead.

The first attempt, at Blackburn Cathedral, instead of being Grandsire doubles, became St Clements minor and Kara got a first in method.

The second, at St Silas, remained Grandsire triples and Kara achieved her first of triples without ever having rung either a plain course or touch inside before.

The third was at St Judes and, previous success having made the band a little reckless, was Cambridge Surprise minor. Kara had rung several plain courses of this over the last few months but no touches. So, with an hour’s preparation, she tentatively took hold of the third and, in almost flawless style, achieved her first of surprise!

It is perhaps worth mentioning that, during the course of the day, Kara also increased her quarter peal score by 50%, going from six to nine.

The day also gave Kara, Rob and Melissa their first opportunity to achieve three in a day!!

All in all, it was a very successful event and people are already asking when the next one is going to be…

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29 Dec 2018 Blackburn (Cathedral Church of St Mary the Virgin) 1260 St Clement's College Bob Minor
29 Dec 2018 Blackburn (St Jude) 1296 Cambridge Surprise Minor
29 Dec 2018 Blackburn (St Silas) 1260 Grandsire Triples