Liz and friends tour of Kent 2018

7th – 14th September 2018

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14 Sep 2018Birling (All Saints)1280 Lindum Surprise Major
14 Sep 2018Eynsford (St Martin)1312 Quex Park Surprise Major
14 Sep 2018Shoreham (SS Peter and Paul)1280 Single Oxford Bob Major
13 Sep 2018Brabourne (St Mary Blessed Virgin)1280 Painswick Surprise Major
13 Sep 2018Elham (St Mary the Virgin)1344 Spliced Surprise Major (4m)
13 Sep 2018Lyminge (SS Mary and Ethelburga)1280 Kent Treble Bob Major
13 Sep 2018Petham (All Saints)1296 Petham Surprise Minor
13 Sep 2018Stowting (St Mary the Virgin)1272 Stowting Delight Minor
12 Sep 2018Birchington (All Saints)1344 Plain Bob Major
12 Sep 2018Birchington, Quex Park (Waterloo Tower)1296 Kent Treble Place Caters
12 Sep 2018Westgate on Sea (St Saviour)1272 Carlisle Surprise Minor
12 Sep 2018Whitstable (St Alphege)1344 Cambridge Surprise Major
11 Sep 2018Hernhill (St Michael)1280 Dereham Surprise Major
11 Sep 2018Selling (St Mary the Virgin)1280 Kent Surprise Major
11 Sep 2018Sheldwich (St James)1250 Thanet Surprise Major
11 Sep 2018Throwley (St Michael and All Angels)1280 Turramurra Surprise Major
10 Sep 2018Cliffe at Hoo (St Helen)1280 Cliffe At Hoo Surprise Major
10 Sep 2018Hoo St Werburgh (St Werburgh)1280 Lessness Surprise Major
10 Sep 2018Rainham (St Margaret)1296 Double Norwich Court Bob Major
10 Sep 2018Rochester (St Margaret)1316 Rochester Alliance Major
9 Sep 2018Bredgar (St John the Baptist)1296 Kentish Surprise Minor
9 Sep 2018Lynsted (SS Peter and Paul)1296 Netherseale Surprise Minor
9 Sep 2018Newnham (SS Peter and Paul)1296 Newnham Treble Bob Minor
9 Sep 2018Rodmersham (St Nicholas)1296 Rodmersham Surprise Minor
9 Sep 2018Teynham (St Mary)1272 Norwich Surprise Minor
9 Sep 2018Wormshill (St Giles)1296 Bourne Surprise Minor
8 Sep 2018Borden (SS Peter and Paul)1344 Kent Treble Place Triples
8 Sep 2018Harrietsham (St John the Baptist)1280 Uxbridge Surprise Major
8 Sep 2018Sittingbourne (St Michael)1344 Cornwall Surprise Major
8 Sep 2018Tunstall (St John the Baptist)1280 Tunstall Surprise Major
7 Sep 2018Chalk (St Mary)1269 Wells Surprise Minor
7 Sep 2018Cobham (St Mary Magdalene)1272 London Surprise Minor
7 Sep 2018Milton (SS Peter and Paul)1312 Milton Delight Major
7 Sep 2018Northfleet (St Botolph)1344 Sheppey Surprise Major