Dorset County Association — Ride & Stride & Ring

Saturday, 8th September 2018

Arranged a few towers as below but could do with a few more ringers. Sorry it is a bit short notice.

I have arranged a bell ringing outing in conjunction with the Ride and Stride Event. Ringing at 3 towers along the North Dorset Trail Way. (Hoping to get 4 towers but Shillingstone have a quiet day!) The plan is

10 -10.45 Ring at Sturminster Newton (6)

Cycle to Shillingstone Station for refreshments

Visit Shillingstone Church briefly - sorry unable to ring

Cycle to Stourpaine for picnic lunch. There is a pub if needs be.

1.30-2.30 Ring at Stourpaine (6)

Cycle to Durweston

3.00-4.00 Ring at Durweston (6)

Cycle back to Sturminster Newton if cars left there or lift home.

Not all of the adults will be cycling so we will have cars as well. You can get more info about Ride and Stride from their website …..sponsor forms etc.