Carlisle Diocesan Guild — Cumbrian Codgers "Alternative Truth" outing

Thursday, 11 January 2018

January, being rather short on daylight hours and long on rubbish weather, is a good month for an easy-going outing with some distractions. As 2018 begins, one cannot help wondering what the year may hold. We are going to put our microcosm of the world to rights by holding our own campanological equivalent of the Trump-Putin brave new world: what does the future hold? Our little outing will play out the new order of fake news, alternative truths and unsocial media by ringing analogy – not that we will come to any particular conclusion other than chaos – which is probably the right one!

Not much more to say for now, except that you should note:

· Skillful diplomacy might be useful – something for which ringing is of course renowned;

· There will be the drawing of personalities from a hat – no arguments.

· You may find opposing forces in the same band, so tricks you might want to try could be (for example) calling down when the “belligerent” calls up, calling random bobs and singles in the hope of confusing the opposing forces, calling the tenor into the middle somewhere, or insisting on ringing “twinkle twinkle”.

· Lack of fancy dress will forfeit points – no arguments.

· There will be individual certificates for the dominant belligerent & the dominant peace-maker, the least successfully integrating band & the most successfully integrating band, and also assessment forms for the “judgement team” – rather them than me.

· Our departure will be aided by men in white coats only after our performances are complete.

Carlisle Cathedral 10.30-12.00

Lunch at The Sun Inn Red Dial

Wigton 15.00-16.30

Please email or text 07847433117 by Tuesday 9th Jan with your main course choice:

Deep fried breaded haddock

Roast turkey

Home made chilli con carne with rice & tortilla chips

Home made steak & kidney pie

Roast ham salad Grilled Cumberland sausage & egg

Home made vegetable lasagne with salad & garlic bread

  • * All served with selection of fresh veg, potatoes & chips **
  • * Choice of hot or cold sweets **

All at £8.95

2) Here’s the calendar for Codgers outings this year - get them in your diary now!

Thursday 11th January

Thursday 8th February

Thursday 8th March

Thursday 12th April

Thursday 10th May

Thursday 14th June

Thursday 12th July

  • * Annual Outing Wednesday 15th-Saturday 18th August **

Thursday 13th September

Thursday 11th October

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Thursday 13th December