Truro Diocesan Guild — Quarter Peal Week

14th – 22nd October 2017

Including call change peals of at least 30 minutes duration (200+ changes)

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23 Oct 2017St Winnow (St Winnow)1260 Plain Bob Doubles
22 Oct 2017Gwennap (St Weneppa)120 Ron's Call Changes
22 Oct 2017Kenwyn (St Keyne)1260 Grandsire Triples
22 Oct 2017St Agnes (St Agnes)1260 Plain Bob Minor
22 Oct 2017St Erth (St Ercus)1320 Carlisle Surprise Minor
21 Oct 2017Budock (St Budoc)Called Changes
19 Oct 2017St Buryan (St Buriana)1260 Grandsire Doubles
19 Oct 2017St Cleer (St Clarus)1260 Plain Bob Doubles
19 Oct 2017Truro (16 Hurland Road)1568 Plain Bob Major
18 Oct 2017Callington (St Mary)210 A Plain Course of Grandsire Triples in Call Changes
18 Oct 2017Menheniot (St Lalluwy and St Antoninus)238 Spliced Reverse Peal No 1 and St Indract Doubles Call Changes
18 Oct 2017Poughill (St Olaf King and Martyr)1260 Grandsire Doubles
18 Oct 2017St Budock (St Budocus)210 Grandsire Triples
18 Oct 2017St Gluvias (St Gluvias)240 St Indract and Reverse St Indract Doubles Call Changes Mixed
17 Oct 2017Laneast (SS Sidwell and Gulvat)1260 Plain Bob Minor
17 Oct 2017Pillaton (St Odulph)1300 Reverse Canterbury Pleasure Place Doubles
17 Oct 2017Pillaton (St Odulph)210 A Plain Course of Grandsire Triples in Call Changes
17 Oct 2017Poundstock (St Winwaloe)204 Call Changes
17 Oct 2017South Petherwin (St Paternus)1260 Grandsire Doubles
16 Oct 2017Callington (St Mary)1280 Surprise Major (8m)
16 Oct 2017Camborne (SS Martin and Meriadoc)1260 Plain Bob Doubles
16 Oct 2017St Erme (St Hermes)238 Spliced Peal No 1 and St Leonard's Call Changes
16 Oct 2017St Mawgan in Pydar (SS Mawgan and Nicholas)1250 Cambridge Surprise Major
14 Oct 2017Paul (St Pol de Lion)1260 Grandsire Doubles
14 Oct 2017St Dominic (St Dominica)1260 Doubles (2p/3m/6v)