5th October – 19th November 2017

Bellringers in support of Children In Need 2017. Please link any ringing you are doing for Children In Need to this event. Also post on social media using the hashtag #APealForPudsey

Associated performances

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19 Nov 2017 Hooe (Dewby's Bells)1260 Pudsey Bob Triples
17 Nov 2017 Alfriston (St Andrew)1260 Children In Need Doubles
17 Nov 2017 Bodicote (St John the Baptist)1250 Pudsey Surprise Major
17 Nov 2017 Chipping Sodbury (St John the Baptist)224 Pudsey Surprise Major
17 Nov 2017 Hagley (St John the Baptist)Call Changes
17 Nov 2017 Liverpool (Cathedral Church of Christ)5040 Bristol Surprise Maximus
17 Nov 2017 Ospringe (SS Peter and Paul)120 Pudsey Block Delight Minor
17 Nov 2017 Peterborough (St John the Baptist)1288 Pudsey Bob Triples
17 Nov 2017 Reading (St Giles)1250 Pudsey Surprise Major
17 Nov 2017 Shrewsbury (St Mary the Virgin)1296 Plain Bob Caters
17 Nov 2017 Tewkesbury Abbey (St Mary the Virgin)1250 Pudsey Surprise Major
16 Nov 2017 Dagenham (SS Peter and Paul)1280 Pudsey Surprise Major
16 Nov 2017 Portishead (St Peter)1280 Pudsey Surprise Major
15 Nov 2017 Maidenhead (7 Laburnham Road)5042 Pudsey Surprise Maximus
15 Nov 2017 Reading (15 Lytham End Tilehurst)5040 Pudsey Surprise Royal
12 Nov 2017 Chilcompton (St John the Baptist)5040 Pudsey Surprise Royal
9 Nov 2017 Beeston (17, Coniston Road)1344 Pudsey Surprise Major
7 Nov 2017 Milborne Port (St John the Evangelist)1288 Pudsey Bob Triples
7 Nov 2017 Terling (All Saints)1280 Pudsey Surprise Major
5 Nov 2017 Old Brampton (SS Peter and Paul)Relay Call Changes
29 Oct 2017 Brighton (St Nicholas)1250 Pudsey Surprise Major
29 Oct 2017 High Wycombe (All Saints)1312 Pudsey Surprise Major
27 Oct 2017 Marston Bigot (St Leonard)1260 Grandsire Doubles
26 Oct 2017 City of London (St James Garlickhythe, Garlick Hill)1250 Pudsey Surprise Major
24 Oct 2017 Birchington (All Saints)1260 Children In Need Doubles
18 Oct 2017 Horton Kirby (St Mary)1250 Pudsey Surprise Major
14 Oct 2017 Barton le Clay (St Nicholas)1280 Pudsey Surprise Major
13 Oct 2017 Marston Bigot (St Leonard)1280 Pudsey Surprise Major
8 Oct 2017 Little Baddow (St Mary the Virgin)1260 Plain Bob Doubles
7 Oct 2017 Pudsey (St Lawrence and St Paul)5088 Pudsey Surprise Major

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