Molly's Quarter Peal Week 2017

1st – 8th July 2017

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8 Jul 2017Linton (St Nicholas)1280 Dunster Surprise Major
8 Jul 2017Smarden (St Michael)1272 Kent Treble Bob Minor
8 Jul 2017Staplehurst (All Saints)1296 Little Bob Royal
7 Jul 2017Ashford (St Mary the Virgin)1282 Yorkshire Surprise Royal
7 Jul 2017Brabourne (St Mary the Blessed Virgin)1260 Grandsire Triples
7 Jul 2017Great Chart (St Mary)1296 Double Oxford Bob Major
7 Jul 2017Kennington (St Mary)1260 Kennington Doubles
7 Jul 2017Little Chart (St Mary)1260 Double Court Bob Minor
7 Jul 2017Mersham (St John the Baptist)1280 Yorkshire Surprise Major
7 Jul 2017Willesborough (St Mary the Virgin)1320 Julie McDonnell Delight Minor
7 Jul 2017Wye (SS Gregory and Martin)1282 Wye Surprise Royal
6 Jul 2017Ash next Sandwich (St Nicholas)1296 Stedman Caters
6 Jul 2017Eastry (St Mary the Blessed Virgin)1250 Lincolnshire Surprise Major
6 Jul 2017Elham (St Mary the Virgin)1250 Bristol Surprise Major
6 Jul 2017Goodnestone (Holy Cross)1272 Spliced Surprise Minor (3m)
6 Jul 2017Lyminge (SS Mary and Ethelburga)1260 Kent Treble Place Triples
6 Jul 2017Ringwould (St Nicholas)1320 Brussels Sprout Minor
6 Jul 2017Sandwich (St Clement)1274 Cambridge Surprise Minor
6 Jul 2017Wingham (St Mary the Virgin)1260 Hereward Bob Triples
5 Jul 2017Bekesbourne (St Peter)1260 St Simon's Bob Doubles
5 Jul 2017Canterbury (St Stephen, Hackington)1280 Julie McDonnell Surprise Major
5 Jul 2017Chartham (St Mary)1272 Luton Surprise Minor
5 Jul 2017Quex Park (Waterloo Tower)1346 Cambridge Surprise Maximus
5 Jul 2017St Nicholas at Wade (St Nicholas)1260 St Nicholas Bob Doubles
5 Jul 2017Thanington (St Nicholas)1320 Canterbury Surprise Minor
4 Jul 2017Burmarsh (All Saints)1296 Norwich Surprise Minor
4 Jul 2017Cheriton, Kent (St Martin, Cheriton)1344 Superlative Surprise Major
4 Jul 2017Folkestone (SS Mary and Eanswythe)1296 Stedman Triples
4 Jul 2017Hythe (St Leonard)1280 Cambridge Surprise Royal
4 Jul 2017Lympne (St Stephen)1280 Zonda Surprise Major
4 Jul 2017Newchurch (SS Peter and Paul)1296 Man Of Kent Treble Place Minor
4 Jul 2017Newington next Hythe (St Nicholas)1260 Oxford Bob Minor
4 Jul 2017Saltwood (SS Peter and Paul)1260 Stedman Doubles
3 Jul 2017Broomfield (St Margaret)1296 Bourne Surprise Minor
3 Jul 2017East Sutton (SS Peter and Paul)1272 Old Oxford Delight Minor
3 Jul 2017Headcorn (SS Peter and Paul)1260 Oxford Bob Triples
3 Jul 2017Leeds (St Nicholas)1260 Plain Bob Royal
3 Jul 2017Maidstone (All Saints)1289 Erin Caters
3 Jul 2017Otham (St Nicholas)1260 Julie McDonnell Doubles
3 Jul 2017Pluckley (St Nicholas)1260 Grandsire Doubles
2 Jul 2017Rochester (St Margaret)1280 Cambridge Surprise Major
1 Jul 2017Bethersden (St Margaret)1296 Cambridge Surprise Minor
1 Jul 2017Bromley (SS Peter and Paul)1280 Woodstock Surprise Major
1 Jul 2017Farnborough (St Giles)1272 Durham Surprise Minor
1 Jul 2017High Halden (St Mary the Virgin)1260 St Clement's College Bob Minor

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