NTLG Tour of the South East 2017

16th – 23rd June 2017

Associated performances

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23 Jun 2017Charlwood (St Nicholas)1260 Doubles (6m/5v)
23 Jun 2017Worth (St Nicholas)1260 Cambridge Surprise Minor
22 Jun 2017Alfriston (St Andrew)1260 Double Oxford Bob Minor
22 Jun 2017Hailsham (St Mary)1260 Plain Bob Triples
22 Jun 2017Hellingly (SS Peter and Paul)1440 Wendolene Ramsbottom Treble Place Minor
22 Jun 2017Uckfield (Holy Cross)1260 Aberdare St Elvan Place Triples
21 Jun 2017Kilndown (Christ Church)1440 Buxhall Surprise Minor
21 Jun 2017Lamberhurst (St Mary)1260 Buxton Bob Minor
21 Jun 2017Ticehurst (St Mary)1260 Doubles (3m/8v)
20 Jun 2017Hartfield (St Mary)1260 Pinehurst Bob Minor
20 Jun 2017Hever (St Peter)1320 Elston Delight Minor
19 Jun 2017Balcombe (St Mary)1260 Double Oxford Bob Minor
18 Jun 2017Dallington (St Giles)1260 Grandsire Doubles
18 Jun 2017Heathfield (All Saints)1260 St Simon's Bob Triples
16 Jun 2017Seal Chart (St Lawrence)1260 Double Oxford Bob Minor
16 Jun 2017Shipbourne (St Giles)1296 St Clement's College Bob Minor

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