2016: A year of date touches

1st January – 31st December 2016

A year of date touches. One date touch per month, on the corresponding number of bells: Singles through Maximus.

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Associated performances

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18 Dec 2016 Shoreditch (St Leonard) 2016 Spliced Maximus (2m)
20 Nov 2016 City of London (St Magnus the Martyr, London Bridge) 2016 Cinques (2m)
30 Oct 2016 Hackney (St John, St John at Hackney) 2016 Little Bob Royal
11 Sep 2016 Westminster (St Clement Danes) 2016 Grandsire Caters
7 Aug 2016 Stepney (St George-in-the-East) 2016 2016 Delight Major
6 Jul 2016 City of London (St James Garlickhythe, Garlick Hill) 2016 Grandsire Triples
5 Jun 2016 City of London (St Vedast, Foster Lane) 2016 Surprise Minor (3m)
22 May 2016 City of London (St Bartholomew the Great, Smithfield) 2016 Doubles (18m)
17 Apr 2016 Lambeth (St John the Evangelist) 2016 Minimus (4p, 11m)
5 Mar 2016 Homerton (St Barnabas) 2016 St Hybald Singles