Friends of Derick Obergene Society — Quarter Peal Week, organised by S Austin

30th July – 7th August 2016

80 towers in Lincolnshire and surrounding counties. Good ringing, fellowship and beer.

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7 Aug 2016Langtoft (St Michael)1260 Plain Bob Minor
7 Aug 2016Oakham (All Saints)1344 Bristol Surprise Major
7 Aug 2016Sleaford (St Denys)1314 Spliced Surprise Major (4m)
6 Aug 2016Ewerby1280 Lincolnshire Surprise Royal
6 Aug 2016Moulton (All Saints)1296 Lincoln Curly Delight Minor
6 Aug 2016Pinchbeck (St Mary)1280 Amersham Surprise Major
6 Aug 2016Quadring (St Margaret)1269 Surfleet Surprise Minor
6 Aug 2016Surfleet (St Laurence)1320 Double Bob Maximus
6 Aug 2016Timberland (St Andrew)1260 St Osmund Bob Doubles
6 Aug 2016Wigtoft (SS Peter and Paul)1320 Crowland Delight Minor
5 Aug 2016Emneth (St Edmund)1320 Surprise Minor (2m)
5 Aug 2016Holbeach (All Saints)1376 Holbeach Surprise Major
5 Aug 2016Long Sutton (St Mary)1250 Bristol Surprise Major
5 Aug 2016Spalding (SS Mary and Nicolas)1344 Tellurium Surprise Major
5 Aug 2016Terrington St Clement (St Clement)1344 St Clement's College Bob Major
5 Aug 2016Whittlesey (St Andrew)1260 Scientific Triples
5 Aug 2016Whittlesey (St Mary)1280 Sussex Surprise Major
4 Aug 2016Boothby Pagnell (St Andrew)1260 Stedman Doubles
4 Aug 2016Branston (St Guthlac)1260 Julie McDonnell Doubles
4 Aug 2016Colsterworth (St John the Baptist)1440 Spliced Delight Minor (14m)
4 Aug 2016Harby (St Mary the Virgin)1260 Carter Doubles
4 Aug 2016Harston (St Michael and All Angels)1260 Plain Bob Doubles
4 Aug 2016Hose (St Michael)1260 St Martin's Bob Doubles
4 Aug 2016Irnham (St Andrew)1320 Vale Royal Delight Minor
4 Aug 2016Long Clawson (St Remigius)1341 Spliced Surprise Major (8 Methods)
4 Aug 2016Melton Mowbray (St Mary)1259 Grandsire Caters
4 Aug 2016Saltby (St Peter)1360 Jacob's Wells Surprise Royal
4 Aug 2016Stoke Rochford (SS Mary and Andrew)1260 Grandsire Doubles
3 Aug 2016Allexton (St Peter)1272 Canterbury Place Minimus
3 Aug 2016Ayston (St Mary the Virgin)1272 Double Court Place Minimus
3 Aug 2016Belton in Rutland (St Peter)1440 Rutland Block Minor
3 Aug 2016Empingham (St Peter)1260 Spliced Plain Minor (2m)
3 Aug 2016Exton (SS Peter and Paul)1320 Rutland Bob Doubles
3 Aug 2016Glaston (St Andrew)1320 Grantham Surprise Minor
3 Aug 2016Great Casterton (SS Peter and Paul)1320 Purple Sprouting Broccoli Treble Place Minor
3 Aug 2016Greetham (St Mary the Virgin)1320 Sprotborough Delight Minor
3 Aug 2016Ridlington (SS Mary Magdalene and Andrew)1272 Minimus (11m)
3 Aug 2016Uppingham (SS Peter and Paul)1344 Rutland Surprise Major
2 Aug 2016Castor (St Kyneburgha)1280 Park Lane Surprise Major
2 Aug 2016Easton on the Hill (All Saints)1272 Stamford Surprise Minor
2 Aug 2016Fotheringhay (St Mary and All Saints)1260 Loch Lomond Bob Minor
2 Aug 2016Glinton (St Benedict)1320 King Edward Surprise Minor
2 Aug 2016Maxey (St Peter)1296 Lower Peover Surprise Minor
2 Aug 2016Stamford (All Saints)1260 Single Oxford Bob Triples
2 Aug 2016Stoke Doyle (St Rumbald)1260 St Simon's Bob Doubles
2 Aug 2016Thornhaugh (St Andrew)1320 Joshua Differential Doubles
2 Aug 2016Titchmarsh (St Mary the Virgin)1344 Double Norwich Court Bob Major
2 Aug 2016Wansford (St Mary the Virgin)1296 Variable Treble Cambridge Minor
2 Aug 2016Yarwell (St Mary Magdalene)1272 Erin Minimus
1 Aug 2016Barkston (St Nicholas)1296 Lincoln Surprise Minor
1 Aug 2016Billingborough (St Andrew)1280 Stoodley Pike Surprise Major
1 Aug 2016Edenham (St Michael)1386 Erin Caters
1 Aug 2016Heydour (St Michael and All Angels)1344 Ardotalia Surprise Major
1 Aug 2016Horbling (St Andrew)1260 Brentford Bob Minor
1 Aug 2016Hough on the Hill (All Saints)1260 Double Oxford Bob Minor
1 Aug 2016Newton (St Botolph)1320 St Simon's Bob Doubles
1 Aug 2016Rippingale (St Andrew)1296 Jubilate Delight Minor
1 Aug 2016Sempringham (Abbey Church of St Andrew)1272 Norwich Surprise Minor
1 Aug 2016Silk Willoughby (St Denys)1320 Minor (2m)
1 Aug 2016Thurlby (St Firmin)1296 Bourne Surprise Minor
31 Jul 2016Market Deeping (St Guthlac)1250 Lincolnshire Surprise Major
31 Jul 2016Peterborough (Cathedral Church of St Peter, St Paul and St Andrew)1306 Stedman Cinques
31 Jul 2016Peterborough (St John the Baptist)1260 Grandsire Triples
31 Jul 2016Peterborough (St Mary)1280 Superlative Surprise Major
31 Jul 2016Stanground (St John the Baptist)1272 Cambridge Surprise Minor
31 Jul 2016Woodston (St Augustine of Canterbury)1299 Grandsire Doubles
30 Jul 2016Bottesford (St Mary the Virgin)1280 Lincoln Surprise Major
30 Jul 2016Grantham (St Wulfram)1344 Bristol Surprise Maximus
30 Jul 2016Nottingham (All Saints)1282 Cambridge Surprise Royal
30 Jul 2016Nottingham (St Mary the Virgin)1294 Lincolnshire Surprise Maximus
30 Jul 2016Nottingham (St Peter)1254 Grandsire Cinques
30 Jul 2016Whatton in the Vale (St John of Beverley)1344 Newtimber Surprise Major

Associated attempts

7 Aug 2016Boston (St Botolph)1296 Stedman Caters - LOST
6 Aug 2016Swineshead (St Mary)1296 New Major Principle - LOST
5 Aug 2016King's Lynn (St Margaret)1280 Spliced Surprise Royal (4m) - LOST
3 Aug 2016Preston (SS Peter & Paul)1320 Castleton Delight Minor - LOST
2 Aug 2016Stamford (St John the Baptist)1272 Reverse Court Minimus - LOST
30 Jul 2016Cotgrave (All Saints)1314 Spliced Surprise Major (4m) - LOST