Bath & Wells Diocesan Association — Wednesday Group QP Break.

10th – 13th May 2016

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13 May 2016Stockbridge (St Peter)1260 Sutton Scotney Bob Minor
13 May 2016Thruxton (SS Peter and Paul)1260 Double Oxford Bob Minor
13 May 2016Wonston (Holy Trinity)1272 Beverley Surprise Minor
12 May 2016Micheldever (St Mary)1260 Buxton Bob Minor
12 May 2016Preston Candover (St Mary the Virgin)1260 Winchester College Bob Minor
12 May 2016Tichborne (St Andrew)1260 Rising Brook Bob Minor
11 May 2016Hannington (All Saints)1260 Basingstoke Bob Minor
11 May 2016Herriard (St Mary)1272 Cambridge Surprise Minor
11 May 2016Sherfield on Loddon (St Leonard)1260 Sherfield on Loddon Bob Minor
11 May 2016Wootton St Lawrence (St Lawrence)1260 Doubles (5m)
10 May 2016Abbotts Ann (St Mary)1260 Double Oxford Bob Minor
10 May 2016Longparish (St Nicholas)1260 Double Bob Minor
10 May 2016St Mary Bourne (St Peter)1260 St Clement's College Bob Minor
10 May 2016Tangley (St Thomas)1320 Cambridge Surprise Minor