Geraldo's 2015 "Yorkshire" QP Weekend

2nd – 4th October 2015

Quarter Peal Weekend

Associated performances

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4 Oct 2015Drighlington (St Paul)1260 Grandsire Triples
4 Oct 2015Ecclesfield (St Mary the Virgin)1282 Cambridge Surprise Royal
4 Oct 2015Handsworth (St Mary)1250 Cambridge Surprise Major
4 Oct 2015Hemsworth (St Helen)1260 St Simons Triples
4 Oct 2015Whiston (St Mary Magdalene)1280 Plain Bob Major
3 Oct 2015Halifax (Minster Church of St John the Baptist)1320 Plain Bob Cinques
3 Oct 2015Mytholmroyd (St Michael)1250 Lincolnshire Surprise Major
3 Oct 2015Ripponden (St Bartholomew)1260 St Martins Triples
3 Oct 2015Todmorden (Unitarian)1260 Plain Bob Triples
3 Oct 2015Walsden (St Peter)1280 Superlative Surprise Major
2 Oct 2015Elland (St Mary the Virgin)1260 Grandsire Triples
2 Oct 2015Kidsgrove (St Thomas)1280 Yorkshire Surprise Major
2 Oct 2015Longwood (St Mark)1280 Plain Bob Major
2 Oct 2015Newhey (St Thomas)1264 St Clements C Bob Major

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