Royal birth

2nd – 10th May 2015

Birth of a daughter to the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

Associated performances

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9 May 2015 Westminster (St Martin in the Fields)1945 Grandsire Triples
6 May 2015 City of London (St Olave, Hart Street)1282 Cambridge Surprise Major
4 May 2015 Epsom (St Martin of Tours)1260 Plain Bob Royal
4 May 2015 Worth (St Nicholas)1260 Doubles
3 May 2015 Ashtead (St Giles)1250 New Cambridge Surprise Major
3 May 2015 Bardwell (SS Peter and Paul)5040 Plain Bob Triples
3 May 2015 Basingstoke (All Saints)1280 Spliced Surprise Major (4 Methods)
3 May 2015 Bisley (All Saints)1260 Grandsire Triples
3 May 2015 Keynsham (St John the Baptist)1260 Plain Bob Triples
3 May 2015 South Kensington (Queen's Tower, Imperial College)1251 Stedman Caters
3 May 2015 Southwark (Cathedral Church of St Saviour)1311 Stedman Cinques
3 May 2015 Thatcham (St Mary)1260 Spliced Triples and Major (2m)
2 May 2015 Alderney (St Anne)Rounds and Call Changes
2 May 2015 Babbacombe (All Saints)120 Plain Bob Doubles
2 May 2015 Benhilton (All Saints)Rounds
2 May 2015 Birchington (Quex Park)1260 Plain Bob Triples
2 May 2015 Brading (St Mary the Virgin)32 Plain Hunt Minimus
2 May 2015 Clifton (St Francis)5040 Minor
2 May 2015 Colonel Light Gardens (34 West Parkway)1260 Plain Bob Minor
2 May 2015 Duffield (St Alkmund's)1296 Cambridge Surprise Minor
2 May 2015 Hersham (St Peter)5040 Plain Bob Triples
2 May 2015 Hook Norton (St Peter)5040 Stedman Triples
2 May 2015 Lowestoft (St Margaret)5040 Plain Bob Triples
2 May 2015 Peterborough (St Mary's)5040 Plain Bob Triples
2 May 2015 Potterhanworth (St Andrew's Church)240 Plain Bob Singles
2 May 2015 St Osyth (SS Peter and Paul)280 Grandsire Doubles
2 May 2015 Thorrington (St Mary Magdalene)1320 Norwich Surprise Minor
2 May 2015 Warfield (St Michael Archangel)1296 Middlesex Bob Caters
2 May 2015 Windsor (Curfew Tower, HM Free Chapel of St George, Windsor Castle)1260 Grandsire Triples
2 May 2015 Woolpit (St Mary)1320 Norwich Surprise Minor

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