Ancient Society of College Youths — Society Peal Weekend

19th – 22nd September 2014

Members are encouraged to organise and participate in Society peals.

Associated performances

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21 Sep 2014Bisley (All Saints)5088 Yorkshire Surprise Major
21 Sep 2014Dordrecht ('t Klockhuys)5088 Zuider Zee Surprise Major
21 Sep 2014Ewerby (St Andrew)5056 Vyrnwy Surprise Major
21 Sep 2014Liverpool, Tuebrook (S John Bapt)5120 Bristol Surprise Major
21 Sep 2014Morville (St Gregory)5088 Yorkshire Surprise Major
21 Sep 2014Southampton (The Ascension, Bitterne Park)5040 Yorkshire Surprise Maximus
20 Sep 2014Amersham (St Mary)5042 Spliced TD Maximus (9m)
20 Sep 2014Church Lawton (All Saints)5088 Deva Surprise Major
20 Sep 2014Colchester (St Peter)5040 Double Norwich Court Bob MajorUnlink
20 Sep 2014Dordrecht ('t Klockhuys)5056 Superlative Surprise Major
20 Sep 2014Heworth (St Mary)5040 King Edward Surprise Minor
20 Sep 2014Horsham (St Mary V)5000 Cambridge Surprise Royal
20 Sep 2014Kenwyn (St Keyne)5024 Langley Surprise Major
20 Sep 2014Kingston (St James)5001 Spliced Variable Cover Caters and Royal
20 Sep 2014Kirby le Soken (St Michael)5088 Bristol Surprise Major
20 Sep 2014New York (Trinity Wall Street)5042 Yorkshire Surprise Maximus
20 Sep 2014Petworth (St Mary)5088 Yorkshire Surprise Major
20 Sep 2014Shipley5040 Minor (1p 8m)
20 Sep 2014Shrewsbury (St Chad)5042 Swindon Surprise Maximus
20 Sep 2014Thorverton (St Thomas of Canterbury)5040 Yorkshire Surprise Royal
20 Sep 2014Thorverton (St Thomas of Canterbury)5088 Superlative Surprise Major
20 Sep 2014Wimborne (St Cuthberga)5040 Bristol Surprise Maximus
19 Sep 2014Bidston (St Oswald)5040 Surprise Minor (7 Methods)Unlink
19 Sep 2014Bishopstoke (St Mary)5080 Cambridge Surprise Royal
19 Sep 2014Lamerton (St Peter)5040 Surprise Minor
19 Sep 2014Mistley (St Mary and St Michael)5040 Surprise Minor
18 Sep 2014Stirling (Holy Rude)5040 Queen's Gate Surprise Minor
18 Sep 2014Worcester (All Saints)5080 Cambridge Surprise Royal

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