Australian & New Zealand Association — ANZAB 2014

5th – 11th June 2014

ANZAB’s Annual Festival, Dinner and AGM

Associated performances

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11 Jun 2014Claremont (Christ Church)1280 Uffington Bob Doubles
10 Jun 2014Claremont (Christ Church)1440 Lloyd's Got Staaandards Surprise Minor
10 Jun 2014Perth (The Bell Tower)5021 Grandsire Caters
9 Jun 2014Claremont (Christ Church)1260 Plain Bob Minor
9 Jun 2014Perth (The Bell Tower)1260 Plain Bob Royal
9 Jun 2014Perth (The Bell Tower)1260 Grandsire Caters
9 Jun 2014Perth (The Bell Tower)1320 Celery City Surprise Minor
9 Jun 2014York (Holy Trinity)1280 Cambridge Surprise Major
9 Jun 2014York (Holy Trinity Church Hall)1260 Plain Bob Minor
8 Jun 2014Mosman Park (The Chapel of St Hilda of Whitby)1260 Plain Bob Minor
8 Jun 2014Perth (The Bell Tower)1259 Grandsire CatersUnlink
8 Jun 2014Perth (The Bell Tower)1346 Yorkshire Surprise MaximusUnlink
7 Jun 2014Mandurah (Christ's Church)1288 Grandsire Triples
7 Jun 2014Mosman Park (St Hilda's Chapel)1282 Cambridge Surprise Major
7 Jun 2014Perth (The Bell Tower)1282 Cambridge Surprise Royal
7 Jun 2014Perth (The Bell Tower)1296 Grandsire Caters
7 Jun 2014Rockingham (Civic Centre)1260 Grandsire Triples
6 Jun 2014Bunbury (St Patrick's Cathedral)1280 Cambridge Surprise Major
6 Jun 2014Bunbury (St Patrick's Cathedral Parish Hall)1260 Plain Bob Minor
6 Jun 2014Perth (The Bell Tower)1280 Yorkshire Surprise Major
5 Jun 2014Mosman Park (St Hilda's Chapel)1440 Single St Hilda's Bob Minor
5 Jun 2014Perth (The Bell Tower)1259 Grandsire CatersUnlink

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