Great Badminton Tower Outing 2023

27th November – 1st December 2023

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1 Dec 2023East Coker (St Michael and All Angels)1344 Lincolnshire Surprise Major
1 Dec 2023Hardington Mandeville (Blessed Virgin Mary)1280 Kent Treble Bob Major
1 Dec 2023Martock (All Saints)1280 Khasekhem(wy) Surprise Major
1 Dec 2023Norton sub Hamdon (Blessed Virgin Mary)1280 Rutland Surprise Major
1 Dec 2023West Coker (St Martin of Tours)1312 Maida Vale Delight Major
30 Nov 2023Compton Abbas (St Mary the Virgin)1260 Anglesey Place Doubles
30 Nov 2023Manston (St Nicholas)1260 Ancaster Bob Doubles
30 Nov 2023Margaret Marsh (St Margaret)1260 Ancaster Bob Doubles
30 Nov 2023Melbury Abbas (St Thomas)1260 Anglesey Place Doubles
30 Nov 2023Mere (St Michael Archangel)1280 Spliced Surprise Major (8m)
30 Nov 2023Spetisbury (St John the Baptist)1296 Milland Surprise Minor
30 Nov 2023Stourton Caundle (St Peter)1272 Reverse Canterbury Place Minimus
30 Nov 2023Sturminster Marshall (St Mary)1272 Millbridge Surprise Minor
30 Nov 2023Winterborne Stickland (St Mary)1296 Stickland Treble Bob Minimus
29 Nov 2023Bridgwater (St Mary)1346 Cambridge Surprise Maximus
29 Nov 2023Dunster (St George)1280 Double Norwich Court Bob Major
29 Nov 2023Lydeard St Lawrence (St Lawrence)1280 Superlative Surprise Major
29 Nov 2023Old Cleeve (St Andrew)1344 Peribsen Surprise Major
29 Nov 2023Otterhampton (All Saints)1272 Double Canterbury Minimus
29 Nov 2023Timberscombe (St Petroc)1260 Grandsire Triples
28 Nov 2023Culmstock (All Saints)1344 Maidstone Bob Major
28 Nov 2023Huntsham (All Saints)1280 Bristol Surprise Major
28 Nov 2023Kittisford (St Nicholas)1296 Monkton Treble Bob Minimus
28 Nov 2023Pitminster (St Mary and St Andrew)1344 Cambridge Surprise Major
27 Nov 2023Backwell (St Andrew)1282 Cambridge Surprise Royal
27 Nov 2023Cheddar (St Andrew)1280 Ninetjer Surprise Major
27 Nov 2023Glastonbury (St John the Baptist)1328 Plain Bob Major
27 Nov 2023West Pennard (St Nicholas)1272 Marham Surprise Minor
27 Nov 2023Wookey (St Matthew)1296 Maid Josephine Surprise Minor

Associated attempts

28 Nov 2023Bathealton (St Bartholomew)LOST