75th Birthday of His Majesty The King

12th – 17th November 2023

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16 Nov 2023Denham (St Mary the Virgin)5040 Stedman Triples
15 Nov 2023Bishop's Hull (St Peter and St Paul)1272 Norwich Surprise Minor
15 Nov 2023Lincoln (Parish and Civic Church of St Mary-le-Wigford)1296 Reverse Monkton Treble Bob Minimus
15 Nov 2023Pettistree (St Peter and St Paul)1272 Stamford Surprise Minor
14 Nov 2023Adwick le Street (St Laurence)General Ringing
14 Nov 2023Ashford (St Mary the Virgin)1260 St Clement's College Bob Minor
14 Nov 2023Aston Rowant (St Peter and St Paul)30 Grandsire Doubles
14 Nov 2023Aston Rowant (St Peter and St Paul)1260 Doubles (2m)
14 Nov 2023Blankney (Estate Church of St Oswald's)Plain Hunt, Plain Bob Doubles and Call Changes
14 Nov 2023Brough under Stainmore (St Michael, Church Brough)5040 Minimus (5m)
14 Nov 2023Bushey Heath (St Peter)1344 King Charles III Surprise Major
14 Nov 2023Buxton (St Andrew)1260 Grandsire Doubles
14 Nov 2023Dowlish Wake (St Andrew)1272 Sandiacre Surprise Minor
14 Nov 2023Farnborough (St Giles)1320 Ipswich Surprise Minor
14 Nov 2023Frensham (St Mary the Virgin)5184 Spliced Major (2m)
14 Nov 2023Gimingham (All Saints)1260 Doubles (4m/1p)
14 Nov 2023Helston (St Michael)75 Call Changes
14 Nov 2023Islington (St James the Apostle)75 Call Changes
14 Nov 2023Lincoln (Parish and Civic Church of St Mary-le-Wigford)1272 Single Court Place Minimus
14 Nov 2023Mickleton (St Lawrence)1344 God Save The King! Bob Triples
14 Nov 2023Paston (St Margaret)1260 Plain Bob Minor
14 Nov 2023Potterhanworth (St Andrew's Church)Plain Hunt, Plain Bob Doubles, Call Changes and Firing
14 Nov 2023Ringing Room1260 King Charles III Treble Place Minimus
14 Nov 2023Seavington St Mary (St Mary)1296 Spliced Surprise Minor (6m)
14 Nov 2023Windsor (Curfew Tower, HM Free Chapel of St George, Windsor Castle)1275 Grandsire Triples