Petrockstowe quarters

22nd – 29th September 2023

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29 Sep 2023Ashreigney (St James)1296 Wells Surprise Minor
29 Sep 2023Atherington (St Mary)1296 Carlisle Surprise Minor
29 Sep 2023Beaford (All Saints)1296 Friday Treble Bob Minor
29 Sep 2023Burrington (Holy Trinity)1260 Plain Bob Minor
28 Sep 2023Black Torrington (St Mary)1260 Ennerdale Bob Minor
28 Sep 2023Clawton (St Leonard)1260 Cumberland Bob Minor
28 Sep 2023Halwill (St Peter and St James)1260 Doubles (6p/m/v)
28 Sep 2023Pyworthy (St Swithun)1296 Thursday Treble Bob Minor
28 Sep 2023Sheepwash (St Lawrence)1296 Coldstream Surprise Minor
27 Sep 2023Alwington (St Andrew)1320 Spliced Surprise Minor (3m)
27 Sep 2023Buckland Brewer (St Mary and St Benedict)1260 Spliced Minor (3m)
27 Sep 2023Littleham (St Swithin)1296 York Surprise Minor
27 Sep 2023Monkleigh (St George)1296 Wednesday Treble Bob Minor
27 Sep 2023Parkham (St James)1296 Beverley Surprise Minor
26 Sep 2023Bradford (All Saints)1272 London Surprise Minor
26 Sep 2023Langtree (All Saints)1320 Melrose Delight Minor
26 Sep 2023Sutcombe (St Andrew)1296 Tuesday Treble Bob Minor
26 Sep 2023West Putford (St Stephen)1296 Fountains Delight Minor
25 Sep 2023Clovelly (All Saints)1320 Annable's London Surprise Minor
25 Sep 2023Hartland (St Nectan)1296 Netherseale Surprise Minor
25 Sep 2023Welcombe (St Nectan)1296 Monday Treble Bob Minor
25 Sep 2023Woolfardisworthy (West) (Holy Trinity)1272 Woolfardisworthy Surprise Minor
24 Sep 2023Dolton (St Edmund King and Martyr)1296 Sunday Treble Bob Minor
24 Sep 2023Dowland (St Peter)1260 Doubles (6m)
24 Sep 2023Meeth (St Michael and All Angels)1272 Canterbury Place Minimus
24 Sep 2023Petrockstowe (St Petrock)1320 Stamford Surprise Minor
24 Sep 2023Shebbear (St Michael)1272 Rossendale Surprise Minor
23 Sep 2023Berrynarbor (St Peter)1272 Berrynarbor Surprise Minor
23 Sep 2023Combe Martin (St Peter ad Vincula)1344 Spliced Surprise Major (4m)
23 Sep 2023Ilfracombe (St Philip and St James)1260 Grandsire Triples
23 Sep 2023Lynton (St Mary the Virgin)1296 Saturday Treble Bob Minor
23 Sep 2023Pilton (St Mary the Virgin)1376 Pudsey Surprise Major