Molly Week 2023

9th – 16th September 2023

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16 Sep 2023Brighouse (St Martin)1280 Jellied Eel Surprise Major
16 Sep 2023Halifax (Minster Church of St John the Baptist)1313 Stedman Cinques
16 Sep 2023Kirkburton (All Hallows)1376 Cambridge Surprise Major
16 Sep 2023Kirkheaton (St John the Baptist)1260 St John The Baptist Bob Triples
16 Sep 2023Lightcliffe (St Matthew)1260 Grandsire Triples
15 Sep 2023Armitage Bridge (St Paul)1260 Armitage New Bob Doubles
15 Sep 2023Huddersfield (St Peter)1250 Yorkshire Surprise Major
15 Sep 2023Lindley (St Stephen)1296 Double Oxford Bob Major
15 Sep 2023Longwood (St Mark)1280 Cambridge Court Bob Major
15 Sep 2023Meltham (St Bartholomew)1296 Xaintes Surprise Minor
15 Sep 2023New Mill (Christ Church)1296 New Mill Delight Minor
14 Sep 2023Addingham (St Peter)1260 Stedman Doubles
14 Sep 2023Beckwithshaw (St Michael and All Angels)1299 Grandsire Doubles
14 Sep 2023Birstwith (St James the Apostle)1344 Jaguar Bob Major
14 Sep 2023Hampsthwaite (St Thomas a Becket)1296 Bourne Surprise Minor
14 Sep 2023Harrogate (St Wilfrid)1344 Barking Surprise Major
14 Sep 2023North Rigton (St John the Evangelist)1272 Kangaroo Treble Bob Minor
14 Sep 2023Otley (All Saints)1280 Otley Surprise Major
14 Sep 2023Pateley Bridge (St Cuthbert)1260 Kent Treble Place Triples
13 Sep 2023Bingley (All Saints)1280 Nasty Surprise Major
13 Sep 2023Burnsall (St Wilfrid)1260 Doubles (3m)
13 Sep 2023Fewston (St Michael and St Lawrence)1296 Norwich Surprise Minor
13 Sep 2023Guiseley (St Oswald King and Martyr)1280 Spliced Surprise Major (8m)
13 Sep 2023Ilkley (All Saints)1260 St Alkmund Bob Triples
13 Sep 2023Keighley (St Andrew)1280 Original Major
13 Sep 2023Kildwick (St Andrew)1312 Kildwick Surprise Major
13 Sep 2023Saltaire (United Reformed Church)1320 Ipswich Surprise Minor
13 Sep 2023Silsden (St James the Great)1320 Cambridge Surprise Minor
12 Sep 2023Cullingworth (Hewenden Mills Cottages (no 14))1272 Norwich Surprise Minor
12 Sep 2023Heptonstall (St Thomas the Apostle)1280 Bristol Surprise Major
12 Sep 2023Mytholmroyd (St Michael)1260 Single Oxford Bob Triples
12 Sep 2023Northowram (St Matthew)1282 Plutonium Surprise Major
12 Sep 2023Ripponden (St Bartholomew)1280 Double Norwich Court Bob Major
12 Sep 2023Sowerby (St Peter)1280 St Clement's College Bob Major
12 Sep 2023Todmorden (St Mary)1250 Lincolnshire Surprise Major
12 Sep 2023Todmorden (Unitarian)1260 Stedman Triples
11 Sep 2023Dewsbury (Minster Church of All Saints)1280 Superlative Surprise Major
11 Sep 2023Emley (St Michael Archangel)1272 St Michael's Surprise Minor
11 Sep 2023Horbury (St Peter and St Leonard)1280 Yorkshire Delight Major
11 Sep 2023Liversedge (Christ Church)1288 Little Bob Major
11 Sep 2023Ossett (Holy and Undivided Trinity)1260 Erin Septuples
11 Sep 2023Thornhill (St Michael and All Angels)1344 Cornwall Surprise Major
10 Sep 2023Bradford (Cathedral Church of St Peter)1320 Little Bob Maximus
10 Sep 2023Idle (Holy Trinity)1280 Idle Surprise Major
10 Sep 2023Shipley (St Paul)1344 Plain Bob Major
9 Sep 2023Haworth (St Michael and All Angels)1296 Spliced Surprise Minor (3m)
9 Sep 2023Hoylandswaine (St John the Evangelist)1296 Oxford Treble Bob Minor
9 Sep 2023Norton (St James the Great)1280 Oxford Treble Bob Major
9 Sep 2023Oxenhope (St Mary the Virgin)1260 St Mary The Virgin Bob Triples

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Associated attempts

15 Sep 2023Elland (St Mary the Virgin)Glasgow Surprise Major - LOST
15 Sep 2023Holmfirth (Holy Trinity)Middlesex Bob Triples - LOST
11 Sep 2023Mirfield (St Mary)Cambridge Surprise Royal - LOST
10 Sep 2023Calverley (St Wilfrid)Grandsire Triples - LOST