Friends of Derick Obergene Society — 19th annual Quarter Peal Week

29th July – 6th August 2023

Derbyshire and Lincolnshire, organised by Patrick Deakin

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6 Aug 2023Dunholme (St Chad)1296 Lundy Treble Bob Minor
6 Aug 2023Hackthorn (St Michael and All Angels)1296 Foula Treble Bob Minor
6 Aug 2023Nettleham (All Saints)1296 Orkney Treble Bob Minor
5 Aug 2023Barton upon Humber (St Mary)1344 Belfast Surprise Major
5 Aug 2023Bigby (All Saints)1260 Grandsire Doubles
5 Aug 2023Elsham (All Saints)1260 Stedman Doubles
5 Aug 2023Grasby (All Saints)1440 Original Minor
5 Aug 2023Scotter (St Peter)1296 Cambridge Surprise Minor
5 Aug 2023Winterton (All Saints)1320 Armitage New Bob Doubles
4 Aug 2023Market Rasen (St Thomas the Apostle)1280 Uxbridge Surprise Major
4 Aug 2023Middle Rasen (St Peter and St Paul)1320 Spliced Surprise Minor (6m)
4 Aug 2023Tealby (All Saints)1296 Spliced Surprise Minor (2m)
4 Aug 2023Walesby (All Saints Old Church)1344 Whalley Surprise Major
4 Aug 2023Wragby (All Saints)1296 St Francis Solano Delight Minor
3 Aug 2023Caistor (St Peter and St Paul)1280 Plain Bob Major
3 Aug 2023Grimsby (Minster Church of St James)1299 Stedman Caters
3 Aug 2023Healing (St Peter and St Paul)1272 Stanton Minimus
3 Aug 2023Louth (St James)1274 Grandsire Triples
3 Aug 2023North Thoresby (St Helen)1260 Duck Berry Singles
3 Aug 2023Riby (St Edmund)1260 Potterhanworth Singles
3 Aug 2023Welton le Wold (St Martin)1260 Quack Me Amadeus Singles
2 Aug 2023Alfreton (St Martin)1280 Yorkshire Surprise Major
2 Aug 2023Cuckney (St Mary)1272 St Dunchad Delight Minor
2 Aug 2023Gainsborough (All Saints)1260 Gainsborough Little Bob Major
2 Aug 2023North Wheatley (St Peter and St Paul)1296 St Eustace Of Luxeuil Delight Minor
2 Aug 2023Sutton in Ashfield (St Mary Magdalene)1344 Amersham Surprise Major
1 Aug 2023Blackwell (St Werburgh)1296 Air Delight Minor
1 Aug 2023Morton (Holy Cross)1296 Water Delight Minor
1 Aug 2023Pentrich (St Matthew)1296 Earth Delight Minor
1 Aug 2023Selston (St Helen)1280 Spliced Surprise Major (7m)
1 Aug 2023South Wingfield (All Saints)1320 Spliced Surprise Minor (5m)
1 Aug 2023Swanwick (St Andrew)1296 Wind Delight Minor
31 Jul 2023Ashbourne (St Oswald)1250 Superlative Surprise Major
31 Jul 2023Belper (St Peter)1280 Spliced Surprise Major (4m)
31 Jul 2023Derby (Cathedral Church of All Saints)1320 Cat's Eye Surprise Royal
31 Jul 2023Duffield (St Alkmund)1260 Duffield Royal
31 Jul 2023Osmaston (St Martin)1320 Spliced Surprise Minor (6m)
30 Jul 2023Bonsall (St James the Apostle)1320 Spliced Surprise Minor (6m)
30 Jul 2023Darley Dale (St Helen)1344 Double Norwich Court Bob Major
30 Jul 2023Elton (All Saints)1320 All Hallows Place Doubles
30 Jul 2023Matlock (St Giles)1344 Neptunium Surprise Major
30 Jul 2023Wirksworth (St Mary)1280 Single Hunslet Bob Major
30 Jul 2023Youlgrave (All Saints)1346 Superlative Surprise Maximus
29 Jul 2023Brackenfield (Holy Trinity)1296 St Caedmon Delight Minor
29 Jul 2023Clay Cross (St Bartholomew)1320 Spliced Surprise Minor (6m)
29 Jul 2023Dronfield (St John the Baptist)1260 New Bob Triples
29 Jul 2023Norton (St James the Great)1312 Spliced Major (2m)
29 Jul 2023Sheffield (Cathedral Church of St Marie, Hallam)1312 Spliced Triples and Major (2m/p)

Associated attempts

6 Aug 2023Lincoln (St Giles)Stedman Triples - LOST
6 Aug 2023Scothern (St Germain)Nelson Treble Bob Minor - LOST
5 Aug 2023Barton upon Humber (St Peter)Avalon Court Bob Major - LOST
5 Aug 2023Kirton in Lindsey (St Andrew)Glasgow Surprise Major - LOCKOUT
3 Aug 2023Ludborough (St Mary)Oxford Treble Place Singles - BROKEN CLAPPER
2 Aug 2023East Retford (St Swithun)1299 Stedman Caters - LOST
2 Aug 2023Warsop (St Peter and St Paul)Cambridge Surprise Major - LOST
1 Aug 2023Ripley (All Saints)London Surprise Major - LOST
1 Aug 2023Tibshelf (St John the Baptist)Oxford Treble Bob Minor - LOST
31 Jul 2023Little Eaton (St Oulton Campanile)Forward Maximus - LOST
29 Jul 2023Chesterfield (St Mary and All Saints)Spliced Caters and Royal (1m/1p) - MISCALLED
29 Jul 2023Wingerworth (All Saints)Abbey Place Doubles - LOST