Suffolk Guild — Commemorative Centenary performances

1st January – 31st December 2023

Performances marking 100 years of the Suffolk Guild of Ringers

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30 Dec 2023Grundisburgh (St Mary the Virgin)5016 Grandsire Cinques
30 Dec 2023Whepstead (St Petronilla)1260 Doubles (4m)
21 Dec 2023Horringer (St Leonard)5100 Alliance Major (6m)
16 Dec 2023Beccles (The Bell Tower)5040 Cambridge Surprise Royal
14 Dec 2023Edwardstone (St Mary the Virgin)5040 Plain Bob Minor
10 Dec 2023Little Cornard (All Saints)1260 Plain Bob Doubles
9 Dec 2023Ipswich (St Margaret)5184 Cambridge Surprise Major
9 Dec 2023Pettistree (St Peter and St Paul)5040 Surprise Minor (7m)
8 Dec 2023Monewden (St Mary)5100 Minor (7m)
7 Dec 2023Spalding (St Mary and St Nicolas)5056 Lincolnshire Surprise Major
3 Dec 2023Kersey (St Mary)1320 Plain Bob Doubles
3 Dec 2023Sudbury (St Gregory)5184 Cambridge Surprise Major
2 Dec 2023Coggeshall (St Peter ad Vincula)5040 Yorkshire Surprise Royal
24 Nov 2023Kersey (St Mary)5120 Bristol Surprise Major
22 Nov 2023Lavenham (St Peter and St Paul)5008 Double Norwich Court Bob Major
14 Nov 2023Rothwell (Holy Trinity)5040 Yorkshire Surprise Royal
12 Nov 2023Hitcham (All Saints)5040 Grandsire Triples
29 Oct 2023Norwich (St Peter Mancroft)5009 Stedman Cinques
25 Oct 2023Bures (St Mary the Virgin)5088 Yorkshire Surprise Major
17 Oct 2023Ufford (Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary)1250 Yorkshire Surprise Major
3 Sep 2023Old Newton (St Mary)1260 Doubles (2m)
26 Aug 2023Grundisburgh (St Mary the Virgin)5060 Grandsire Cinques
24 Aug 2023Ixworth (St Mary)1280 Spliced Surprise Major (2m)
19 Aug 2023Cambridge (University Church of St Mary the Great)5040 Cambridge Surprise Maximus
17 Aug 2023Polstead (St Mary)5098 Minor (7m)
15 Aug 2023Little Cornard (All Saints)1260 Plain Bob Doubles
5 Aug 2023Elveden (St Patrick and St Andrew)5100 Suffolk Surprise Major
5 Aug 2023Offton (St Mary)1296 Plain Bob Major
4 Aug 2023Reydon (St Margaret)5095 Minor (6m)
3 Aug 2023Southwold (St Edmund King and Martyr)5090 Bristol Surprise Major
28 Jul 2023Tostock (St Andrew)1296 Leasowe Delight Minor
26 Jul 2023North Lopham (St Nicholas)5088 Felixstowe Surprise Major
16 Jul 2023Helmingham (St Mary)5056 Bristol Surprise Major
13 Jul 2023Barrow Gurney (Blessed Virgin Mary and St Edward King and Martyr)5056 Centenary Delight Major
8 Jul 2023Grundisburgh (St Mary the Virgin)5100 Suffolk Surprise Major
28 Jun 2023Walthamstow (St Mary)5080 Yorkshire Surprise Royal
24 Jun 2023Saffron Walden (St Mary the Virgin)5040 Yorkshire Surprise Royal
21 Jun 2023Offton (St Mary)5184 Suffolk Day Delight Major
21 Jun 2023Pettistree (St Peter and St Paul)1296 Spliced Surprise Minor (2m)
15 Jun 2023Kelvedon (St Mary the Virgin)5024 Bristol Surprise Major
7 Jun 2023Horringer (St Leonard)1376 Suffolk Surprise Major
7 Jun 2023Poslingford (St Mary)5040 Doubles (11m)
4 Jun 2023Grundisburgh (St Mary the Virgin)5044 Cambridge Surprise Maximus
1 Jun 2023Felixstowe (St John the Baptist)5076 Bristol Surprise Major
29 May 2023Ipswich (40, Belstead Road)5040 Plain Bob Minor
29 May 2023Writtle (All Saints)5100 Grandsire Caters
26 May 2023Bures (St Mary the Virgin)5070 Double Norwich Court Bob Major
24 May 2023Gislingham (St Mary)5152 Westerfield Surprise Major
20 May 2023Kettering (St Peter and St Paul)5100 Cambridge Surprise Maximus
11 May 2023Ipswich (St Matthew)1260 Plain Bob Doubles
11 May 2023Tostock (St Andrew)1320 Beverley Surprise Minor
10 May 2023Henley (St Peter)5152 Isle Of Ely Delight Major
8 May 2023Bury St Edmunds (Cathedral Church of St James and St Edmund)5042 Cambridge Surprise Maximus
7 May 2023Horham (St Mary)5056 Yorkshire Surprise Major
6 May 2023Horringer (St Leonard)Rounds and Call Changes, Plain Course Of Grandsire Triples
29 Apr 2023Wymondham (Abbey Church of St Mary the Virgin and St Thomas a Becket)5100 Yorkshire Surprise Royal
27 Apr 2023Hopton (All Saints)1344 Painswick Surprise Major
26 Apr 2023Orford (St Bartholomew)5088 Clare Surprise Major
25 Apr 2023Yoxford (St Peter)1260 Plain Bob Doubles
22 Apr 2023Bury St Edmunds (Cathedral Church of St James and St Edmund (Norman Tower))5080 Rutland Surprise Major
22 Apr 2023Debenham (St Mary Magdalene)5008 Double Norwich Court Bob Major
22 Apr 2023Ipswich (St Mary le Tower)5042 Yorkshire Surprise Maximus
19 Apr 2023Pettistree (St Peter and St Paul)1320 King Charles Delight Minor
17 Apr 2023Bury St Edmunds (2 Castle Road)5040 Plain Bob Major
16 Apr 2023Beccles (The Bell Tower)1260 Plain Bob Minor
15 Apr 2023Great Barton (Holy Innocents)1260 Buxton Bob Minor
14 Apr 2023Clopton (St Mary)1260 Plain Bob Doubles
12 Apr 2023Harkstead (St Mary)5040 Surprise Minor (10m)
12 Apr 2023Horringer (St Leonard)5024 Spliced Surprise Major (6m)
10 Apr 2023Blythburgh (Holy Trinity)1260 Plain Bob Doubles
10 Apr 2023Bungay (St Mary)5088 Yorkshire Surprise Major
9 Apr 2023Bardwell (SS Peter and Paul)1320 Surprise Minor (2m)
2 Apr 2023Bury St Edmunds (Cathedral Church of St James and St Edmund)100 Spliced Plain Major (3m)
2 Apr 2023Great Yarmouth (Minster Church of St Nicholas)5100 Grandsire Cinques
2 Apr 2023Thornham Magna (St Mary Magdalene)5040 Surprise Minor (7m)
1 Apr 2023Ipswich (St Mary le Tower)1298 Grandsire Cinques
31 Mar 2023Meldreth (Holy Trinity)5088 Morfa Mawddach Surprise Major
31 Mar 2023Troston (St Mary)1260 Tawa Bob Minor
31 Mar 2023Wissett (St Andrew)1260 Plain Bob Minor
25 Mar 2023Bury St Edmunds (Cathedral Church of St James and St Edmund)5100 Yorkshire Surprise Maximus
25 Mar 2023Buxhall (St Mary)1320 Annable's London Surprise Minor
24 Mar 2023Ashbocking (All Saints)1308 St Clement's College Bob Minor
24 Mar 2023Sproughton (All Saints)1260 Doubles (2m)
19 Mar 2023Ipswich (St Mary le Tower)1260 Plain Bob Doubles
17 Mar 2023Grundisburgh (St Mary the Virgin)5100 Century Little Bob Caters
8 Mar 2023Hitcham (All Saints)5152 Over Delight Major
25 Feb 2023Bury St Edmunds (Cathedral Church of St James and St Edmund)5042 Spliced Surprise Maximus (2m)
25 Feb 2023City of London (St Magnus the Martyr, London Bridge)5100 Grandsire Cinques
24 Feb 2023Horringer (St Leonard)5024 Rutland Surprise Major
23 Feb 2023Horringer (St Leonard)1280 Wye Surprise Major
22 Feb 2023Elveden (St Patrick and St Andrew)5088 Double Norwich Court Bob Major
11 Feb 2023Bardwell (St Peter and St Paul)5088 Yorkshire Surprise Major
11 Feb 2023Peterborough (Cathedral Church of St Peter, St Paul, and St Andrew)5040 Yorkshire Surprise Royal
8 Feb 2023Pettistree (St Peter and St Paul)1272 Centenary Treble Place Minor
6 Feb 2023Bury St Edmunds (2 Castle Road)5056 Plain Bob Major
6 Feb 2023Monewden (St Mary)5040 Surprise Minor (16m)
5 Feb 2023Bardwell (St Peter and St Paul)1320 Carlisle Surprise Minor
4 Feb 2023Bacton (St Mary the Virgin)1320 Primrose Surprise Minor
3 Feb 2023Wissett (St Andrew)1260 Doubles (5m)
31 Jan 2023Bardwell (St Peter and St Paul)1344 Superlative Surprise Major
29 Jan 2023Bardwell (St Peter and St Paul)1344 Superlative Surprise Major
26 Jan 2023Horringer (St Leonard)1280 Yorkshire Surprise Major
26 Jan 2023Sproughton (All Saints)1260 Doubles (2m)
25 Jan 2023Fulbourn (St Vigor)5184 New Buckenham Surprise Major
21 Jan 2023Buxhall (St Mary)1280 St Clement's College Bob Major
20 Jan 2023Wissett (St Andrew)1272 Norwich Surprise Minor
15 Jan 2023Prittlewell (St Mary the Virgin)5100 Lincolnshire Surprise Royal
13 Jan 2023Little Cornard (All Saints)5040 Cambridge Surprise Minor
11 Jan 2023Felixstowe (St John the Baptist)5088 Barking Surprise Major
8 Jan 2023Bardwell (St Peter and St Paul)1280 Kent Treble Bob Major
7 Jan 2023Woolpit (St Mary)1260 Doxey Bob Minor
1 Jan 2023Hitcham (All Saints)5056 Cambridge Surprise Major

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