Egyptian Pharoes

Sunday, 1st March 2020

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15 May 2024Fairford (St Mary the Virgin)1344 Sanakht Surprise Major
2 Mar 2024Braughing (St Mary the Virgin)1280 Khaba Surprise Major
1 Mar 2024Stoke Poges (St Giles)1344 Sekhemkhet Surprise Major
17 Jan 2024Prestbury (St Mary)1280 Netjerikhet Surprise Major
1 Dec 2023Martock (All Saints)1280 Khasekhem(wy) Surprise Major
29 Nov 2023Old Cleeve (St Andrew)1344 Peribsen Surprise Major
27 Nov 2023Cheddar (St Andrew)1280 Ninetjer Surprise Major
6 Sep 2023Barnwood (St Lawrence)1312 Nebra Surprise Major
10 May 2023Northleach (St Peter and St Paul)1280 Hetepsekhemwy Surprise Major
2 Dec 2022Chard (Blessed Virgin Mary)1312 Qaa Surprise Major
1 Dec 2022Street (Holy Trinity)1312 Semerkhet Surprise Major
30 Nov 2022Woolavington (Blessed Virgin Mary)1312 Anedjib Surprise Major
23 Sep 2022Rolleston on Dove (St Mary)1344 Den Surprise Major
22 Jul 2022Dunstable (Priory Church of St Peter)1344 Djet Surprise Major
22 Mar 2022Aylesford (St Peter and St Paul)1312 Djer Surprise Major
2 Mar 2022Hawkesbury (St Mary)1312 Aha Surprise Major
11 Mar 2020Ruardean (St John the Baptist)1280 Narmer Surprise Major

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