Friends of Derick Obergene Society — 8th Annual Quarter Peal Week

6th – 14th August 2011

Friends of Derick Obergene, 8th annual quarter peal week. Kent, organised by Andy Clark.

Associated performances

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14 Aug 2011Chatham (The Victoria Tower)1260 Single Oxford Bob TriplesUnlink
14 Aug 2011Cobham (St Mary Magdalene)1260 Double Oxford Bob MinorUnlink
14 Aug 2011Hastings (Christ Church, Blacklands)1264 Plain Bob Major
13 Aug 2011Ewhurst Green (St James the Great)1379 All Saints Doubles
13 Aug 2011Hastings (St Clement)1260 Stedman Triples
13 Aug 2011Rye (St Mary the Virgin)1260 Plain Bob Triples
13 Aug 2011St Leonards on Sea (Christ Church)1280 Spliced Surprise Major (8m)Unlink
12 Aug 2011Birchington (All Saints)1280 Plain Bob Major
12 Aug 2011Birchington (Waterloo Tower, Quex Park)1346 Quex Surprise Maximus
12 Aug 2011Margate (St John the Baptist)1280 Bristol Surprise Major
12 Aug 2011St Laurence In Thanet (St Laurence)1360 Rutland Surprise Royal
12 Aug 2011St Peters In Thanet (St Peter)1344 Kent Treble Bob Major
11 Aug 2011Queenborough (Holy Trinity)1272 Carlisle Surprise Minor
11 Aug 2011Rainham (St Margaret)1280 Spliced Surprise Major (4m)
11 Aug 2011Sittingbourne (St Michael)1250 Superlative Surprise Major
11 Aug 2011Stockbury (St Mary Magdelene)1260 Doubles (3m)
10 Aug 2011Deal (St Leonard)1269 Spliced Surprise Minor (3m)
10 Aug 2011Dover (St Mary the Virgin)1344 Buckfastleigh Surprise Major
10 Aug 2011East Langdon (St Augustine)1272 Plain Bob Minimus
10 Aug 2011Great Mongeham (St Martin)1296 Norwich Surprise Minor
10 Aug 2011Northbourne (St Augustine)1404 Grandsire Minor
10 Aug 2011Ringwould (St Nicholas)1272 Kent Treble Bob Minor
9 Aug 2011Burmarsh (All Saints)1260 St Clement's College Bob MinorUnlink
9 Aug 2011Fairfield (St Thomas a Becket)1260 Bifter Singles
9 Aug 2011Hythe (St Leonard)1260 Plain Bob Caters
9 Aug 2011Mersham (St John the Baptist)1260 Single Oxford Bob Triples
9 Aug 2011New Romney (St Nicholas)1344 Cambridge Surprise Major
9 Aug 2011Sevington (St Mary)1296 Kent Treble Bob Minimus
9 Aug 2011Wye (SS Gregory and Martin)1282 Wye Surprise Royal
8 Aug 2011Canterbury (Cathedral and Metropolitical Church of Christ)1253 Grandsire Cinques
8 Aug 2011Canterbury (St Dunstan)1260 Minor (2m)Unlink
8 Aug 2011Canterbury (St Nicholas, Thanington)1260 Plain Bob Minor
8 Aug 2011Chartham (St Mary)1260 Stedman Doubles
8 Aug 2011Sturry (St Nicholas)1260 Doubles (5m)
8 Aug 2011Wickambreax1320 Oxford Treble Bob MinorUnlink
7 Aug 2011Boughton Under Blean (SS Peter and Paul)1250 Pudsey Surprise Major
7 Aug 2011Hernhill (St Michael)1260 Stedman Triples
7 Aug 2011Newnham (SS Peter and Paul)1260 Reverse Canterbury Pleasure Place DoublesUnlink
7 Aug 2011Selling (St Mary the Virgin)1280 London Surprise Major
7 Aug 2011Sheldwich (St James)1260 Grandsire Triples
7 Aug 2011Whitstable (St Alphege)1280 Bristol Surprise Major
6 Aug 2011Graveney (All Saints)1260 Shipping Forecast Singles
6 Aug 2011Seal (SS Peter and Paul)1440 Wells Surprise Minor
6 Aug 2011Seal Chart (St Lawrence)1320 Kent Treble Bob Minor
6 Aug 2011Sevenoaks (St Nicholas)1288 Little Bob Major
6 Aug 2011Sundridge (St Mary)1296 Cambridge Surprise MinorUnlink

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Associated attempts

13 Aug 2011Hastings (All Saints)Hernhill Bob Major
13 Aug 2011Sedlescombe (St John the Baptist)Ipswich Surprise Minor
12 Aug 2011Minster (Thanet) (St Mary the Virgin)Canterbury Place Doubles
12 Aug 2011Westgate on Sea (St Saviour)Primrose Surprise Minor
11 Aug 2011Eastchurch (All Saints)London Surprise Minor
11 Aug 2011Minster (Sheppey) (St Mary and St Sexburga)Stedman Slow Course Doubles
9 Aug 2011Lydd (All Saints)Bristol Surprise Major
8 Aug 2011Canterbury (St Alphege)Plain Bob Minor