Friends of Derick Obergene Society — Annual Quarter Peal Week

11th – 19th July 2009

The Friends of Derick Obergene Society 6th Annual Quarter Peal Week. Scotland organised by Dave Matthews

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19 Jul 2009Darlington (St John)1264 Plain Bob MajorUnlink
19 Jul 2009Gainford (St Mary)1320 Durham Surprise Minor
19 Jul 2009Hartlepool (St Oswald)1260 Plain Bob RoyalUnlink
19 Jul 2009Sunderland (Holy Trinity)1260 Single Oxford Bob TriplesUnlink
19 Jul 2009Sunderland (St Ignatious)1280 Spliced Surprise Major (8m)Unlink
18 Jul 2009Berwick Upon Tweed (Town Hall)1280 Double Dublin Surprise MajorUnlink
18 Jul 2009Edinburgh (Cathedral Church of St Mary)1344 Bristol Surprise MaximusUnlink
18 Jul 2009Edinburgh (St Cuthbert)1253 Stedman CatersUnlink
18 Jul 2009Rothbury (All Saints)1282 Jersey Surprise MajorUnlink
17 Jul 2009Edinburgh (Fettes College Chapel)1320 London Surprise MinorUnlink
17 Jul 2009Edinburgh (St Andrew and St George)1250 Cambridge Surprise MajorUnlink
16 Jul 2009Alloa (St John the Evangelist)1280 Lincolnshire Surprise MajorUnlink
16 Jul 2009Dunblane (Cathedral Church of St Blane and St Laurence)1282 Whalley Surprise MajorUnlink
16 Jul 2009Dundee (Cathedral Church of St Paul)1287 Grandsire TriplesUnlink
16 Jul 2009Dundee (St Mary)1344 Bristol Surprise MajorUnlink
16 Jul 2009Stirling (Holy Rude)1320 Stirling Delight MinorUnlink
15 Jul 2009Aberdeen (Cathedral Church of St Machar)1260 Stedman TriplesUnlink
15 Jul 2009Aberdeen (Roman Catholic Cathedral Church of St Mary of the Assumption)1282 Cambridge Surprise MajorUnlink
15 Jul 2009Inverness (Cathedral Church of St Andrew)1280 Triton Delight RoyalUnlink
15 Jul 2009Nairn1440 Kent Treble Bob MinorUnlink
15 Jul 2009Nairn (Druim Campanile)1280 Plain Bob MajorUnlink
14 Jul 2009Glasgow (Cathedral Church of St Mary the Virgin)1259 Grandsire CatersUnlink
14 Jul 2009Inverary (All Saints)1282 Cambridge Surprise RoyalUnlink
14 Jul 2009Paisley (St James)1280 Cambridge Surprise MajorUnlink
13 Jul 2009Arlecdon (St Michael)1260 Double Court TriplesUnlink
13 Jul 2009Aspatria (St Kentigern)1280 Wembley Surprise MajorUnlink
13 Jul 2009Bridekirk (St Bridget)1320 Lightfoot Surprise MinorUnlink
13 Jul 2009Greystoke (St Andrew)1320 Lincoln Surprise MinorUnlink
13 Jul 2009Hensingham (St John)1312 London Surprise MajorUnlink
13 Jul 2009Wigton (St Mary)1280 Superlative Surprise MajorUnlink
12 Jul 2009Appleby (St Lawrence)1260 Cumberland Bob MinorUnlink
12 Jul 2009Lazonby (St Nicholas)1272 Double Court MinimusUnlink
12 Jul 2009Shap (St Michael and All Angels)1296 Netherseale Surprise MinorUnlink
11 Jul 2009Cartmel (Priory Church of St Mary the Virgin)1320 Carlisle Surprise MinorUnlink
11 Jul 2009Crosthwaite (St Mary)1320 Morpeth Surprise MinorUnlink
11 Jul 2009Great Urswick (St Mary the Virgin and St Michael)1272 Reverse Stanton MinimusUnlink
11 Jul 2009Heversham (St Peter)1260 Windermere Bob MinorUnlink

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Associated attempts

18 Jul 2009Bamburgh (St Aidan)St Clement's College Bob Major
17 Jul 2009Haddington (St Mary)Buckfastleigh Surprise Major - Lost
16 Jul 2009Dunkeld (Ruined Cathedral Church of St Columba)Norwich Surprise Minor - Lost
15 Jul 2009Nairn (Druim Campanile, Druim Croft)Titanic Triples - Lost
12 Jul 2009Great Salkeld (St Cuthbert)1260 Coniston Place Minor - Lost
11 Jul 2009Flookburgh (St John the Baptist)Boron Surprise Major
11 Jul 2009Millom (St George)Bourne Surprise Minor - Lost