Friends of Derick Obergene Society — Quarter Peal Week 2.

31st July – 7th August 2005

QP Week to Lincolnshire organised by Simon Webb

Associated performances

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7 Aug 2005Bourne (SS Peter & Paul)1296 Bourne Surprise Minor
7 Aug 2005Brant Broughton (St Helen)1260 Minor and Doubles
7 Aug 2005Edenham (St Michael & All Angels)1296 Stedman Triples
7 Aug 2005Lincoln (St Peter at Gowts)1320 Lincoln Surprise Minor
6 Aug 2005Lincoln (St Giles)1260 Oxford Treble Place Triples
6 Aug 2005Lincoln (St Mary le Wigford)1307 Minimus (6m)
6 Aug 2005Washingborough (St John)1260 Erin Triples
6 Aug 2005Wragby (All Saints)1272 Kent Treble Bob Minor
5 Aug 2005Bigby (All Saints)1272 York Surprise Minor
5 Aug 2005Broughton (St Mary)1252 Spliced Doubles (2m)
5 Aug 2005Claxby (St Mary)1296 Doubles (2m)
5 Aug 2005Grasby (All Saints)1260 Doubles (4p)
5 Aug 2005Middle Rasen (SS Peter & Paul)1260 Plain Bob Doubles
4 Aug 2005Barrow-upon-Humber (Holy Trinity)1260 Stedman Triples
4 Aug 2005Goxhill (All Saints)1272 Durham Surprise Minor
4 Aug 2005Thornton Curtis (St Lawrence)1272 Norwich Surprise Minor
4 Aug 2005Ulceby (St Nicholas)1260 Double Oxford Bob Minor
3 Aug 2005Legbourne (All Saints)1260 Carter Doubles
3 Aug 2005Legbourne (The Churchyard)1272 Plain Bob Minimus
2 Aug 2005Coningsby (St Michael & All Angels)1320 Beverley Surprise Minor
2 Aug 2005Gosberton (SS Peter & Paul)1260 St Nicholas College Bob Minor
2 Aug 2005Helpringham (St Andrew)1279 Grandsire Doubles
2 Aug 2005Helpringham (The Village Green)1260 Plain Bob Doubles
2 Aug 2005Ruskington (All Saints)1320 Oxford Treble Bob Minor
2 Aug 2005Swineshead (St Mary)1280 Lincolnshire Surprise Major
2 Aug 2005Swineshead (The Churchyard)1272 Plain Bob Minimus
2 Aug 2005Tattershall (Holy Trinity)1260 Plain Bob Minor
1 Aug 2005Crowland (SS Bartholomew, Guthlac & Mary)1319 April Day Doubles
1 Aug 2005Deeping St James (St James)1320 Carlisle Surprise Minor
1 Aug 2005Deeping St James (The Church Car Park)1272 Plain Bob Minimus
1 Aug 2005Market Deeping (St Guthlac)1321 Baldrick Differential Bob Triples
1 Aug 2005Spalding (SS Mary and Nicholas)1344 St Clement's College Bob Major
1 Aug 2005Surfleet (St Laurence)1259 Grandsire Caters
31 Jul 2005Birmingham, Edgbaston (St Bartholomew)1296 Stedman Triples
31 Jul 2005Fulney (St Paul)1260 Fastnet Differential Bob Triples
31 Jul 2005Stamford (All Saints)1260 Grandsire Triples
31 Jul 2005West Deeping (St Andrew)1296 Spliced Surprise Minor (3m)

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Associated attempts

7 Aug 2005Stamford Baron (St Martin)Grandsire Doubles - Lost
6 Aug 2005Branston (All Saints)Lost
6 Aug 2005Tealby (All Saints)Lost
5 Aug 2005Caistor (St Peter and St Paul)Lost
4 Aug 2005Barnoldby le Beck (St Helen)Lost
4 Aug 2005Waltham (All Saints)Lost
3 Aug 2005Horncastle (St Mary the Virgin)Lost
1 Aug 2005Pinchbeck (St Mary)Lost