Ancient Society of College Youths — ASCY Seniors Peal Week

25th – 29th July 2022

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29 Jul 2022Greasley (St Mary)5152 Spliced Surprise Major (4m)
29 Jul 2022Ilkeston (St Mary the Virgin)5024 Double Norwich Court Bob Major
28 Jul 2022Bulwell (St Mary the Virgin and All Souls)5120 Lessness Surprise Major
28 Jul 2022Eastwood (St Mary)5088 Bristol Surprise Major
28 Jul 2022Sutton cum Lound (St Bartholomew)5184 Portland Surprise Major
27 Jul 2022Heanor (St Laurence)5152 Higger Tor Surprise Major
26 Jul 2022Mansfield (St Peter and St Paul)5120 Superlative Surprise Major
26 Jul 2022Warsop (St Peter and St Paul)5056 Overton Surprise Major