Daniel's Jubilee Bash

26th May – 5th June 2022

Associated performances

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4 Jun 2022Cheshunt (St Mary the Virgin)1280 Yorkshire Surprise Major
4 Jun 2022Datchworth (All Saints)1320 Platinum Delight Minor
4 Jun 2022Hoddesdon (St Catherine and St Paul)1260 Grandsire Triples
4 Jun 2022Watton at Stone (St Andrew and St Mary)1260 St Peter Bob Triples
29 May 2022Great Amwell (St John the Baptist)1296 Cambridge Surprise Minor
28 May 2022Essendon (St Mary the Virgin)5040 Jubilee Alliance Major
26 May 2022Aspenden (St Mary)1280 Pudsey Surprise Major
26 May 2022Westmill (St Mary the Virgin)1296 Mys Me Surprise Minor

Associated attempts

4 Jun 2022Broxbourne (St Augustine)1260 St Peter Bob Triples