Hereford Diocesan Guild — Hereford District Quarter & Peal Festival

28th May – 12th June 2022

Hereford District quarter & peal festival to celebrate the Platinum Jubilee.

Associated performances will be held to be printed together. People should ensure that performances are linked to this event before sending them for print.

The submitter has indicated that he or she will send this for print when all the expected performances have been added.

Associated attempts

11 Jun 2022 Canon Pyon (St Lawrence)
5 Jun 2022 Hereford (St Nicholas)
4 Jun 2022 Canon Pyon (St Lawrence)
2 Jun 2022 Wellington (St Margaret of Antioch)
1 Jun 2022 Burghill (St Mary the Virgin)
29 May 2022 Hereford (Cathedral Church of the Blessed Virgin Mary and St Ethelbert)
28 May 2022 Preston on Wye (St Lawrence)