Platinum Jubilee Weekend Celebrations

00:00 2nd – 23:59 BST 5th June 2022

Download a blank certificate to fill in and record your ringing.

You may also want to enter your intended ringing as an event on the official government site, particularly if you are holding an open day or taster session over the course of the weekend. If you are still wondering what to ring, there are plenty of options listed in the Composition Library such as Jubilee Court Bob Triples, Royal Jubilee Surprise Royal, Queen Elizabeth II Surprise Minor, Queen Elizabeth Treble Bob Major, Platinum Bob Triples, Platinum Surprise Major, and many more.

Associated performances will be held to be printed together. People should ensure that performances are linked to this event before sending them for print.

The submitter has indicated that he or she will send this for print when all the expected performances have been added.