Saint Paul's Cathedral Guild — Peal Weekend 2022 - Liverpool

14th – 17th January 2022

Members of St Paul’s Cathedral Guild of Ringers and friends in and around Liverpool

Associated performances

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17 Jan 2022 Kirkham (St Michael) 5040 Bristol Surprise Royal
16 Jan 2022 Grappenhall (St Wilfrid) 5000 London No 3 Surprise Royal
16 Jan 2022 Liverpool (Cathedral Church of Christ) 1299 Stedman Cinques
15 Jan 2022 Liverpool (Our Lady and St Nicholas, Pier Head) 5030 Stedman Cinques
15 Jan 2022 Liverpool (St Barnabas, Penny Lane, Mossley Hill) 5024 Spliced Surprise Major (4m)
15 Jan 2022 Woolton (St Peter) 5093 Stedman Caters
14 Jan 2022 Stockton Heath (St Thomas) 5040 Cambridge Surprise Royal

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