Barrow & District Society — B&D QP Day

Tuesday, 28th December 2021

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28 Dec 2021Barrow upon Humber (Holy Trinity)1296 Plain Bob Caters
28 Dec 2021Bigby (All Saints)1260 Spliced Bob Minor (6m)
28 Dec 2021Brigg (St John the Evangelist)1260 Plain Bob Doubles
28 Dec 2021Elsham (All Saints)1260 Plain Bob Minor
28 Dec 2021Goxhill (All Saints)1260 Plain Bob Minor
28 Dec 2021Grasby (All Saints)1260 Stedman Doubles
28 Dec 2021Hessle (All Saints)1273 Grandsire Triples
28 Dec 2021Market Rasen (St Thomas the Apostle)1312 Yorkshire Surprise Major
28 Dec 2021North Cave (All Saints)1320 Plain Bob Doubles
28 Dec 2021Tealby (All Saints)1260 Stedman Doubles