NB Blueline 2021 Tour

10th – 17th July 2021

Wigrams Turn Marina, Southam to Great Linford (and back) - Grand Union Canal

Associated performances

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17 Jul 2021 Badby (St Mary) 1260 St Peter Doubles
15 Jul 2021 Gayton (St Mary) 1320 Cassington Doubles
14 Jul 2021 Blisworth (St John the Baptist) 1260 Plain Bob Doubles
14 Jul 2021 Cosgrove (St Peter and St Paul) 1260 St Simon's Bob Doubles
14 Jul 2021 NB Blueline (Grand Union Canal ) 1260 Plain Bob Minor
14 Jul 2021 Old Wolverton (Holy Trinity) 1260 Grandsire Doubles
13 Jul 2021 Great Linford (St Andrew) 1260 Southrepps Doubles
12 Jul 2021 NB Blueline (Grand Union Canal) 1260 Plain Bob Minor
12 Jul 2021 Weedon Bec (St Peter and St Paul) 1260 Reverse Canterbury Pleasure Place Doubles
10 Jul 2021 Badby (St Mary) 1380 St Martin's Bob Doubles

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