Social Care & Frontline Workers' Day

20:00 – 21:00 BST Monday, 5th July 2021

Clapping Our Heroes & the Ringing of Church Bells - 8:00 pm

Clapping in the street to show our support for those waging the battle against coronavirus was an amazing, spontaneous and heartfelt reflection of the public’s appreciation. So let us all again open our doors and windows, stand in our gardens, streets and other locations, and applaud the unstinting efforts of those people who are still saving lives and keeping essential services going.

To coincide with this, we will hear the sound of our church and cathedral bells ringing 73 times – one ring for every year of our beloved NHS. For more information visit

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11 Jul 2021Hendon (26 Sunningfields Rd)1344 Treble Bob Minimus (4m)
8 Jul 2021Ringing Room1273 Grandsire Triples
7 Jul 2021Birmingham (St Bartholomew, Edgbaston)1273 Plain Bob Minor
6 Jul 2021Armitage Bridge (St Paul)Rounds
6 Jul 2021Bristol (St Philip and St Jacob)1273 Cambridge Surprise Minor
6 Jul 2021Linslade (St Barnabas)1260 Plain Bob Doubles
6 Jul 2021Ringing Room (Great Bentley)840 Plain Bob Doubles
5 Jul 2021Almondbury (All Hallows)Tolling 73 Times
5 Jul 2021Ansdell (St Joseph)120 Grandsire Doubles
5 Jul 2021Ash by Wrotham (St Peter and St Paul)1260 Doubles (5m)
5 Jul 2021Ashbocking (All Saints)Tolling
5 Jul 2021Backwell (St Andrew)1273 Doubles (4m)
5 Jul 2021Barnard Castle (St Mary the Virgin)73 Tolling
5 Jul 2021Basingstoke (St Michael)1260 Plain Bob Doubles
5 Jul 2021Bearsted (Holy Cross)Rounds
5 Jul 2021Benfieldside (St Cuthbert)Call Changes
5 Jul 2021Benfieldside (St Cuthbert)240 Plain Bob Doubles
5 Jul 2021Bentley Common (St Paul)Plain Hunt and Call Changes
5 Jul 2021Bishop's Hull (St Peter and St Paul)Sixty on Thirds Call Changes
5 Jul 2021Bletchingdon (73 years of N H St)20 Call Changes
5 Jul 2021Bradford on Avon (Holy Trinity)Rounds
5 Jul 2021Bramshott (St Mary the Virgin)Team Tolling - 73
5 Jul 2021Branston (All Saints Church)Quick Tolling
5 Jul 2021Brecon (St Mary)73 Chiming
5 Jul 2021Bridgwater (St Mary)96 Plain Hunt Minimus
5 Jul 2021Brighstone (St Mary the Virgin)Call Changes
5 Jul 2021Brighton (St Nicholas)120 Grandsire Doubles
5 Jul 2021Broadstairs (St Peter the Apostle)150 Plain Hunt Doubles
5 Jul 2021Bromborough (St Barnabas)1260 Plain Bob Doubles
5 Jul 2021Broseley (All Saints)Rounds and Grandsire Doubles
5 Jul 2021Burbage (St Catherine)120 Plain Bob Doubles
5 Jul 2021Burghill (St Mary the Virgin)1260 Mixed Doubles (2m/2v)
5 Jul 2021Burwell (St Mary the Blessed Virgin)Chiming 73 Times
5 Jul 2021Bury St Edmunds (2 Castle Rd)1273 Plain Bob Major
5 Jul 2021Bury St Edmunds (Cathedral Church of St James and St Edmund (the Norman Tower))1273 Plain Bob Minor
5 Jul 2021Cambridge (University Church of St Mary the Great)720 Carlisle Surprise Minor
5 Jul 2021Chagford (St Michael)Rounds and Devon Call Changes
5 Jul 2021Chelmsford (Cathedral Church of St Mary the Virgin, St Peter, and St Cedd)Tolling
5 Jul 2021Chester (Cathedral Church of Christ and the Blessed Virgin Mary)1320 Cunecastre Surprise Minor
5 Jul 2021Chirk (St Mary)60 Grandsire Doubles
5 Jul 2021Cockermouth (All Saints)Call Changes
5 Jul 2021Coleshill (St Peter and St Paul)360 Call Changes
5 Jul 2021Coningsby (St Michael and All Angels)Tolling
5 Jul 2021Cookley (St Peter)73 Tolling
5 Jul 2021Corsham (St Bartholomew)Call Changes
5 Jul 2021Corston (All Saints)120 Plain Bob Doubles
5 Jul 2021Cuckfield (Holy Trinity)Call Changes
5 Jul 2021Davenham (St Wilfrid)73 Tolling
5 Jul 2021Dawlish (St Gregory)Call Changes and Plain Bob Doubles
5 Jul 2021Derby (Cathedral Church of All Saints)Tolling 73
5 Jul 2021East Malling (St James the Great)Call Changes
5 Jul 2021Ely (St Mary)Tolling, Call Changes and Grandsire Doubles
5 Jul 2021Farnsfield (St Michael)240 Grandsire Doubles
5 Jul 2021Folkestone (St Mary and St Eanswythe)Tolling 73 Whole Pulls
5 Jul 2021Forres (The Balnaferry Campanile)Call Changes
5 Jul 2021Fovant (St George)240 Plain Hunt Doubles
5 Jul 2021Gainsborough (All Saints)1260 Doubles (5m)
5 Jul 2021Gedling (All Hallows)73 Tolling
5 Jul 2021Glasgow (1 Albany Quadrant)1273 Spliced Surprise Major (2m)
5 Jul 2021Grappenhall (St Wilfrid)1296 Surfleet Surprise Minor
5 Jul 2021Great Paxton (Holy Trinity)Tolling
5 Jul 2021Great Shelford (St Mary)720 Cambridge Surprise Minor
5 Jul 2021Hackney (St John at Hackney)73 Tolling
5 Jul 2021Hackney (St John at Hackney)1260 Plain Bob Doubles
5 Jul 2021Hanwell (St Mary)73 Tolling
5 Jul 2021Hemel Hempstead (St Mary)73 Tolling
5 Jul 2021Hemingford Abbots (St Margaret of Antioch)Call Changes
5 Jul 2021Hemingford Grey (St James)73 Tolling
5 Jul 2021Hendon (St Mary)1260 Plain Bob Doubles
5 Jul 2021High Wycombe (All Saints)730 Grandsire Doubles
5 Jul 2021Highgate (St Anne)Rounds, Grandsire Doubles and Plain Bob Doubles
5 Jul 2021Hoby (All Saints)Tolling 73 Times
5 Jul 2021Holloway (St Mary Magdalene)Rounds and Changes on Two
5 Jul 2021Holmes Chapel (St Luke)73 Chiming
5 Jul 2021IckfordRounds
5 Jul 2021Inverness (Cathedral Church of St Andrew)Rounds and Extra Three
5 Jul 2021Islington (St Mary the Virgin)73 Tolling
5 Jul 2021Islip (St Nicholas)Call Changes
5 Jul 2021Keele (St John)Call Changes
5 Jul 2021Ketton (St Mary the Virgin)73 Chiming
5 Jul 2021Kilburn (St Augustine)120 Grandsire Doubles
5 Jul 2021Kingston (St James)240 Grandsire Doubles
5 Jul 2021Kirkham (St John the Evangelist)73 Tolling
5 Jul 2021Kirkham (St Michael)Rounds and Call Changes
5 Jul 2021Little Baddow (St Mary the Virgin)73 Quick Tolling
5 Jul 2021Little Paxton (St James)Rounds
5 Jul 2021Llanbedr Ystrad Yw (St Peter)73 Tolling
5 Jul 2021Lois Weedon (St Mary the Virgin and St Peter)Rounds and Call Changes
5 Jul 2021Longcot (St Mary the Virgin)1260 Plain Bob Doubles
5 Jul 2021Lympne (St Stephen)180 Plain Hunt Doubles
5 Jul 2021Macclesfield (St Michael and All Angels)73 Tolling
5 Jul 2021Martinstown (St Martin)Tolling
5 Jul 2021Meopham (St John the Baptist)73 Tolling
5 Jul 2021Middlewich (Rolt Crescent)1272 Plain Bob Minimus
5 Jul 2021Nassington (St Mary the Virgin and All Saints)Rounds
5 Jul 2021Newton St Loe (Holy Trinity)120 Plain Bob Doubles
5 Jul 2021Nocton (All Saints Church)Call Changes
5 Jul 2021North Creake (St Mary)73 Tolling
5 Jul 2021Northallerton (All Saints)360 Plain Bob Doubles
5 Jul 2021Old Glossop (All Saints)Fast Tolling
5 Jul 2021Oxford (Grandpont Nature Park)1264 St Clement's College Bob Major
5 Jul 2021Pershore (Abbey Church of the Holy Cross)Rounds and Call Changes
5 Jul 2021Peterborough (Cathedral Church of St Peter, St Paul, and St Andrew)1320 Surprise Minor (2m)
5 Jul 2021Peterborough (St Mary)1260 Double Oxford Bob Minor
5 Jul 2021PetersfieldCall Changes
5 Jul 2021Potterhanworth (St Andrew's)5040 Surprise Minor (3m)
5 Jul 2021Potterhanworth (St Andrew's Church)360 Court Singles
5 Jul 2021Poynton (St George)Call Changes
5 Jul 2021Redbourn (St Mary)1260 Plain Bob Doubles
5 Jul 2021Redruth (St Euny)Miscellaneous Call Changes
5 Jul 2021Reedham (St John the Baptist)Rounds, Call Changes and Firing
5 Jul 2021Ringing Room1250 Biggetywitch Treble Bob Minimus
5 Jul 2021Ringing Room1280 Lou's Carrot Treble Place Major
5 Jul 2021Ripon (Cathedral Church of St Peter and St Wilfrid)1260 Plain Bob Minor
5 Jul 2021Rotherham (Minster Church of All Saints)1260 Grandsire Doubles
5 Jul 2021Royal Wootton Bassett (St Bartholomew and All Saints)1260 Plain Bob Doubles
5 Jul 2021Salford (Sacred Trinity)120 St Clements College Bob Minor
5 Jul 2021Sawbridgeworth (Great St Mary)Call Changes
5 Jul 2021Selly Oak (St Mary)Tolling For Nhs
5 Jul 2021Sheffield (Cathedral Church of St Peter and St Paul)1320 Duke Of Norfolk Treble Bob Minor
5 Jul 2021Shipley (St Mary the Virgin)1260 St Martin's Bob Doubles
5 Jul 2021Shotwick (St Michael)1320 Cambridge Surprise Minor and Kent Treble Bob Minor
5 Jul 2021Shrivenham (St Andrew)120 Plain Bob Doubles
5 Jul 2021Skipton in Craven (Holy Trinity)1260 Grandsire Doubles
5 Jul 2021South Walsham (St Mary)1272 Plain Bob Minor
5 Jul 2021Southampton (St Michael Archangel)120 Grandsire Doubles
5 Jul 2021Southoe (St Leonard)Tolling
5 Jul 2021St Annes on the Sea (St Anne)73 Tolling
5 Jul 2021St Annes on the Sea (The Heyhouses Ring)1260 Plain Bob Minor
5 Jul 2021St Keverne (St Akeveranus)Nhs Social Care and Frontline Workers' Day Chiming
5 Jul 2021Stone (St Michael and St Wulfad)720 Cambridge Surprise Minor
5 Jul 2021Stretford (St Matthew)73 Tolling
5 Jul 2021Swaffham Bulbeck (St Mary)73 Call Changes
5 Jul 2021Thaxted (St John the Baptist)Rounds and Call Changes
5 Jul 2021Thriplow (St George)73 Chiming
5 Jul 2021Tinwell (All Saints)73 Chiming
5 Jul 2021Usk (St Mary)Call Changes on Ellacombe Chimes
5 Jul 2021Wells (Cathedral Church of St Andrew)Call Changes
5 Jul 2021Wells (St Cuthbert)Rounds and Call Changes
5 Jul 2021West Kirby (St Bridget)1260 Mixed Doubles (2m/1p)
5 Jul 2021West Lulworth (Holy Trinity)73 Chiming
5 Jul 2021Westonzoyland (Blessed Virgin Mary)Call Changes To Queens
5 Jul 2021Whitley Bay (St Paul)Call Changes
5 Jul 2021Willingham (St Mary and All Saints)120 Grandsire Doubles
5 Jul 2021Winsford (St Mary Magdalene)Call Changes
5 Jul 2021Wollaston (St Mary)Call Changes
5 Jul 2021Wookey (St Matthew)1260 Plain Bob Doubles
5 Jul 2021Wool (Holy Rood)72 Stedman Minimus
5 Jul 2021Woughton on the Green (St Mary)72 Plain Bob Minor
4 Jul 2021Birmingham (Cathedral Church of St Philip)73 Stedman Doubles
4 Jul 2021Bispham (All Hallows)Rounds and Call Changes
4 Jul 2021Nottingham (All Saints)1260 St Simon's Bob Doubles