Ding - Open Practice

19:00 GMT Saturday, 21st November 2020
Online ringing

A regular weekly practice using Ding. To join you need to install Ding software. We use Zoom to talk, and the ID and password for zoom are given on Ding’s sign-on screen.

Ding comes in two flavours: - Ding Standard, which runs on Windows only, and is the original and simpler version of Ding in which the bells are represented by buttons on the screen; - Ding Unity, which which runs on Windows, Apple Mac, Linux and Android, and includes a 3D mode in which you can ring by ropesight with moving ropes! This version also offers the buttons mode found in Ding Standard.

Ding Unity can be installed from https://bit.ly/355jGKA. Most Windows users should start by downloading the file dingUnity64.zip, although some will need to use dingUnity32.zip instead. There is a video detailing how to install on Windows at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PKUZs60Syf0.

Ding Standard can be installed from http://dinging.co.uk.

There is a Facebook group for Ding at https://www.facebook.com/groups/dinging. Join the group for more details and to stay in touch with news and updates.