Holocaust Memorial Day

Monday, 27th January 2020

75th annievrsary of the liberation of Auschwitz-Birkenau death camp

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27 Jan 2020 Albrighton (St Mary Magdalene) 1344 St Martin's Bob Triples
27 Jan 2020 Barrow in Furness (St James the Great) 1260 Grandsire Triples
27 Jan 2020 Leominster (St Peter and St Paul) 1260 Plain Bob Doubles
27 Jan 2020 Llangollen (St Collen) 1260 Doubles (2m)
27 Jan 2020 Mistley (St Mary and St Michael) 1260 Doubles (3m)
27 Jan 2020 Shanklin (St Saviour on the Cliff) 1260 Plain Bob Doubles
26 Jan 2020 Lancaster (Priory Church of St Mary) 1280 Yorkshire Surprise Major
26 Jan 2020 Mistley (St Mary and St Michael) 720 Grandsire Doubles
26 Jan 2020 Wokingham (All Saints) 1280 Bristol Surprise Major