Oxford University Society — Quarter peals rung in Hilary Term 2020

18th January – 21st March 2020

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Associated performances

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10 Mar 2020 Oxford (St Mary Magdalen)1269 Plain Bob Doubles
8 Mar 2020 Oxford (New College)1280 Littleport Little Surprise Royal
3 Mar 2020 Oxford (St Mary Magdalen)1280 London Surprise Major
25 Feb 2020 Oxford (St Mary Magdalen)1264 Spliced Major (5m)
23 Feb 2020 Oxford (New College)1282 Woodspring Surprise Royal
18 Feb 2020 Oxford (St Mary Magdalen)1288 Grandsire Triples
11 Feb 2020 Oxford (St Mary Magdalen)1280 Yorkshire Surprise Major
9 Feb 2020 Oxford (New College)1282 Lincolnshire Surprise Royal
4 Feb 2020 Oxford (St Mary Magdalen)1264 Plain Bob Major
2 Feb 2020 Oxford (Cathedral Church of Christ)1346 Cambridge Surprise Maximus
2 Feb 2020 Oxford (Christ Church (Ringing Chamber))1272 Plain Bob Minor
31 Jan 2020 Oxford (Carfax Tower)1296 Cambridge Surprise Minor
26 Jan 2020 Oxford (New College)1282 Cambridge Surprise Royal
21 Jan 2020 Oxford (St Mary Magdalen)1296 Cambridge Surprise Minor