100 Years of Save the Children

14th – 22nd December 2019

Ringing for the centenary of Save the Children, 17th December 2019.

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!! 23 Dec 2019 Old Brampton (St Peter and St Paul)Rounds and Call Changes
!! 18 Dec 2019 Pettistree (St Peter and St Paul)1269 Cambridge Surprise Minor
!! 17 Dec 2019 Little Eversden (St Helen)600 Plain Bob Doubles
!! 17 Dec 2019 Whittlesford (St Mary and St Andrew)Rounds and Call Changes
!! 16 Dec 2019 Meldreth (Holy Trinity)1312 Yeading Surprise Major
16 Dec 2019 Soham (St Andrew)1260 Plain Bob Minor
15 Dec 2019 Coseley (Christ Church)5056 Cambridge Surprise Major
15 Dec 2019 New Alresford (St John the Baptist)630 Grandsire Triples
!! 15 Dec 2019 Whittlesford (St Mary and St Andrew)Rounds
!! 15 Dec 2019 Woodchurch (Holy Cross)1296 Treble Dodging Minor
14 Dec 2019 Peterborough (St Mary)5088 Yorkshire Surprise Major
!! 11 Dec 2019 Pettistree (St Peter and St Paul)1272 Save the Children Surprise Minor
8 Dec 2019 Mortimer (St John the Evangelist)1260 Grandsire Doubles