St Martin's Guild — Quarter Peal Month

13th September – 13th October 2013

A month of quarter peals culminating in the Rod Pipe Commemoration Weekend (11th-13th October)

Associated performances

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13 Oct 2013Harborne1260 Spliced Doubles (4 Methods)
13 Oct 2013Knowle (SS John the Baptist, Lawrence and Anne)1260 Plain Bob Minor
13 Oct 2013Moseley (St Anne)1260 Grandsire Doubles
13 Oct 2013Northfield1260 Plain Bob Doubles
13 Oct 2013Yardley (St Edburgha)1260 Doubles (4m/1v)Unlink
12 Oct 2013Birmingham (St Philip's Cathedral)1313 Stedman Cinques
12 Oct 2013Birmingham (St Philip's Cathedral)1344 Cambridge Surprise Maximus
12 Oct 2013Castle Bromwich (SS Mary and Margaret)1260 Plain Bob DoublesUnlink
10 Oct 2013Edgbaston (St Bartholomew)1280 Plain Bob Major
9 Oct 2013Boldmere (St Michael)1260 Stedman, Grandsire and Plain Bob Doubles
9 Oct 2013Shustoke (St Cuthbert)1320 Plain Bob Minor
8 Oct 2013Erdington (St Barnabas)1260 Plain Bob DoublesUnlink
8 Oct 2013Solihull (St Alphege)1253 Grandsire Cinques
6 Oct 2013Grendon (All Saints)1260 Doubles (4m)Unlink
6 Oct 2013Knowle (SS John the Baptist, Lawrence and Anne)1344 Knowle Delight Major
6 Oct 2013Solihull (St Alphege)1260 Grandsire Triples
6 Oct 2013Wishaw (St Chad)1260 Stedman SinglesUnlink
4 Oct 2013Aston (SS Peter and Paul)1260 Plain Bob Doubles
4 Oct 2013Kingsbury (SS Peter and Paul)1282 Cambridge Surprise Major
4 Oct 2013Packwood (St Giles)1260 Plain Bob Doubles
3 Oct 2013Smethwick (Old Church)1260 Plain Bob TriplesUnlink
1 Oct 2013Coleshill (SS Peter and Paul)1260 Mixed Doubles (1 Principle, 2 Methods)
1 Oct 2013Lapworth1260 Doubles (3 Methods)
30 Sep 2013Barston (St Swithin)1296 Cambridge Surprise Minor
30 Sep 2013Perry Barr (St John)1260 Plain Bob Doubles
29 Sep 2013Harborne1250 Spliced Surprise Major (2m)
29 Sep 2013Knowle (SS John the Baptist, Lawrence and Anne)1260 Double Oxford Bob Triples
29 Sep 2013Salter Street (St Patrick)1260 Plain Bob Doubles
28 Sep 2013Tanworth in Arden1260 Grandsire Doubles
22 Sep 2013Knowle (SS John the Baptist, Lawrence and Anne)1260 Plain Bob Minor
21 Sep 2013Polesworth (St Editha)1260 Plain Bob TriplesUnlink
21 Sep 2013Shirley (St James the Great)1280 Lessness Surprise MajorUnlink
15 Sep 2013Harborne, Birmingham (St Peter)1260 Plain Bob Minor
15 Sep 2013Knowle (SS John the Baptist, Lawrence and Anne)1260 Grandsire Triples

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