Sussex County Association — A Jubilee West Sussex Mini Peal Tour

19th – 22nd September 2019

A weekend mini-peal tour around notable towers in West Sussex for The Revd Christopher Renyard as he with friends celebrates his Peal Jubilee 20th September 1969 5040 Plain Bob Minor Holy Trinity Bosham. Taught to ring at St Richard’s Aldwick. Encouraged at Chichester Cathedral. With the 1924 Gillett & Johnson eight at St Mary The Virgin Petworth regarded as the finest ring of bells in the region. Noting the late E Winifred Keys and Frank H Hicks and grateful acknowledgements to Philip Stevens, Patrick M Wills, Timothy F Collins,Robert D S Brown and Jeffrey Knipe

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22 Sep 2019 Petworth (St Mary) 5058 Yorkshire Surprise Major
21 Sep 2019 Aldwick (St Richard) 1312 Bristol Surprise Major
20 Sep 2019 Bosham (Holy Trinity) 5040 Cambridge Surprise Minor
19 Sep 2019 Huntsham (All Saints) 5024 Yorkshire Surprise Major

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21 Sep 2019 Aldwick (St Richard) 5056 Bristol Surprise Major