Exeter Colleges Guild — ECG Quarter Peal Day 2019

7 – 7 September 2019

A quarter peal day for the ECG has now become a firm annual event for the guild. Given the love for curries we share in the ECG, we decided this year to have two curries in a day by ringing at Curry Rivel and North Curry (and then potentially rounding off the day with a curry). By adding Huish Episcopi and Drayton into the mix, the plan for the day was formed.

Starting off at Huish Episcopi with Double Norwich, after a slightly uneven first lead, the ringing settled down a regular rhythm and we scored a first in method for one of our number. At our next tower (Drayton) we scored a quarter of Cornwall S Major, a possible first for the guild, and a first in method for three of us; we felt we did ourselves proud.

We then stopped for lunch at the Firehouse in Curry Rivel, and had some very good pizza. Conveniently, this was also a two-minute walk from the next tower, where we scored our third quarter of the day ringing 6-spliced S Major. Our last tower of the day was North Curry. These bells were the loudest of the day, in stark contrast to Drayton (whose sound was almost ethereal as we stood in the ringing chamber). After ringing up, we scored a good quarter of Stedman Triples to round off the day’s ringing.

In all, we scored four out of four attempts - bring on next year!

Associated performances

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7 Sep 2019 Curry Rivel (St Andrew) 1344 Spliced Surprise Major
7 Sep 2019 Drayton (St Catherine) 1280 Cornwall Surprise Major
7 Sep 2019 Huish Episcopi (Blessed Virgin Mary) 1312 Double Norwich Court Bob Major
7 Sep 2019 North Curry (St Peter and St Paul) 1260 Stedman Triples