Friends of Derick Obergene Society — Annual Quarter Peal Week

4th – 11th August 2019

The society and friends on tour to West Sussex, Hampshire and the Isle of Wight.

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11 Aug 2019Guildford (Cathedral Church of the Holy Spirit)1311 Stedman Cinques
11 Aug 2019Guildford (St Nicolas)1296 Stedman Caters
10 Aug 2019Brighstone (St Mary the Virgin)1344 Cooktown Orchid Delight Major
10 Aug 2019Carisbrooke (St Mary the Virgin)1259 Grandsire Caters
10 Aug 2019Godshill (All Saints)1296 Pennine Treble Bob Minor
10 Aug 2019Newport (Minster Church of St Thomas of Canterbury and St Thomas the Apostle)1440 Uxbridge Surprise Maximus
10 Aug 2019Niton (St John the Baptist)1296 Berkeley Delight Minor
10 Aug 2019Ryde (All Saints)1273 Grandsire Triples
9 Aug 2019Amberley (St Michael)1260 Doubles (1m/2v)
9 Aug 2019Billingshurst (St Mary the Virgin)1376 Painswick Surprise Major
9 Aug 2019Itchingfield (St Nicholas)1260 Doubles (1m/3v)
9 Aug 2019Newdigate (St Peter)1296 Wisborough Green Surprise Minor
9 Aug 2019Storrington (St Mary)1320 Blaisdon Delight Minor
9 Aug 2019Warnham (St Margaret)1360 Vermuyden Surprise Royal
8 Aug 2019Aldingbourne (St Mary the Virgin)1260 Doubles (1m/3v)
8 Aug 2019Chichester (Cathedral Church of the Holy Trinity)1296 Stedman Triples
8 Aug 2019Slindon (St Mary)1296 Orion Treble Place Minimus
8 Aug 2019Walberton (St Mary)1296 Snowdon Treble Bob Minor
8 Aug 2019Yapton (St Mary)1296 Woodcock's Victory Treble Bob Minor
7 Aug 2019East Meon (All Saints)1280 Sgurr A'Chaorachain Surprise Royal
7 Aug 2019Liss (St Mary)1280 Hafnium Surprise Major
7 Aug 2019Liss (St Peter, West Liss)1260 Plain Bob Minor
7 Aug 2019Trotton (St George)1296 Christchurch and Southampton District Treble Bob Minimus
6 Aug 2019Chiddingfold (St Mary)1344 Frodsham Surprise Major
6 Aug 2019Easebourne (St Mary)1280 Queenborough Surprise Major
6 Aug 2019Farnham (St Andrew)1280 Cambridge Surprise Royal
6 Aug 2019Grayshott (St Luke)1280 Venusium Surprise Major
6 Aug 2019Midhurst (St Mary Magdalene and St Denis)1296 Cotswold Treble Bob Minor
5 Aug 2019Alverstoke (St Mary)1280 Kingswood Surprise Major
5 Aug 2019Curdridge (St Peter)1280 Superlative Surprise Major
5 Aug 2019Felpham (St Mary the Virgin)1280 Deva Surprise Major
5 Aug 2019Portsmouth (St Agatha)1280 Turramurra Surprise Major
5 Aug 2019Wickham (St Nicholas)1296 Barham Delight Minor
4 Aug 2019Portsmouth (Cathedral Church of St Thomas of Canterbury)1344 Yorkshire Surprise Maximus
4 Aug 2019Portsmouth (St Mary, Portsea)1280 Bristol Surprise Major
4 Aug 2019Winchester (Cathedral Church of the Holy Trinity, St Peter, St Paul and St Swithun)1326 Erin Sextuples

Associated attempts

11 Aug 2019Guildford (Holy Trinity)1264 Double Norwich Court Bob Major - Lost
8 Aug 2019Aldwick (St Richard)1344 Ely Surprise Major - Lost
7 Aug 2019Petersfield (St Peter)1280 Vicarage Surprise Major - Lost
7 Aug 2019South Harting (S Mary & S Gabriel)1296 Trinity Sunday Treble Bob Minor - Lost
5 Aug 2019Havant (St Faith)1280 Spliced Surprise Major (4m) - Lost