East meets West — 50th anniversary peal tour

25th – 31st May 2019

Peal tour in Dorset / Somerset

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31 May 2019Bradford Peverell (The Assumption)5152 Cornwall Surprise Major
31 May 2019Cattistock (St Peter and St Paul)5152 Gold Surprise Major
30 May 2019Bradpole (Holy Trinity)5152 Egglestone Surprise Major
30 May 2019Lyme Regis (St Michael Archangel)5000 Yorkshire Surprise Royal
29 May 2019Swanage (St Mary the Virgin)5088 Bristol Surprise Major
29 May 2019Wareham (Lady St Mary)5000 Spliced Surprise Royal (4m)
28 May 2019Shepton Beauchamp (St Michael)5042 Cambridge Surprise Maximus
28 May 2019South Petherton (St Peter and St Paul)5050 Stedman Cinques
27 May 2019Wimborne Minster (St Cuthberga)5042 Bristol Surprise Maximus
26 May 2019Kingston (St James)5040 London No. 3 Surprise Royal
25 May 2019Bournemouth (St Peter)5088 London Surprise Major