Saint Andrew's and All Saints Society — Roving Rogation Service

Sunday, 12 May 2019

Roving Rogation Service around our 4 Parishes - Branston, The Booths (Branston Booths & Potterhanworth Booths), Nocton and Potterhanworth, starting at All Saints Branston, then moving onto Branston Booths Village Hall (which is joint with neighboring Potterhanworth Booths), then on to All Saints Nocton before finishing at St Andrew’s Potterhanworth.

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12 May 2019 Branston (All Saints Church) Call Changes
12 May 2019 Branston Booths (Village Hall) Call Changes
12 May 2019 Nocton (All Saints Church) Call Changes
12 May 2019 Potterhanworth (St Andrew's Church) Call Changes

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