Ely - October Method of the Month

1 – 31 October 2019

2019’s ’Methods of the Month’ from the RW Diary introduce special monthly major methods chosen by Simon Linford. They have all been featured in Project Pickled Egg, and we recommend them to any 8-bell bands looking for good and musical methods with a variety of structure.

October’s method is Ely Surprise Major. Link your performances to this event! (Once you’ve submitted a performance to BellBoard, go to your performance, click on the pencil icon at the top and click ‘Link to event’.) Linked performances won’t be held for printing together, but you can submit them for printing individually in the usual way (don’t forget to donate!).

You can find a line for Ely on p.79 of your diary, or at https://complib.org/method/16885.

Associated performances

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24 Oct 2019 Alloa (St John the Evangelist) 5088 Ely Surprise Major
24 Oct 2019 Butleigh (St Leonard) 1344 Ely Surprise Major
22 Oct 2019 Portsea (St Mary) 5088 Ely Surprise Major
18 Oct 2019 Durham (St Oswald King and Martyr) 5184 Ely Surprise Major
16 Oct 2019 Warnham (The Bell Meadow Peal) 1280 Ely Surprise Major
12 Oct 2019 Sydney (RC Cathedral Church of St Mary) 1280 Ely Surprise Major
11 Oct 2019 Heanor (St Laurence) 5120 Ely Surprise Major
11 Oct 2019 Middleton (St Leonard) 5024 Ely Surprise Major
10 Oct 2019 Norwich (The Mancroft Ringing Discovery Centre) 1312 Ely Surprise Major

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