St Margaret's Westminster Guild — Quarters for the Guild Centenary

23 – 24 July 1994

Quarter-peals rung to mark the Centenary of the St Margaret’s Westminster Guild. Quarters were attempted in all eight ringable towers within the bounds of the original City of Westminster. That at St Clement Danes (Duffield Royal) was unsuccessful.

Associated performances

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24 Jul 1994 Westminster (Collegiate Church of St Peter) 1282 Yorkshire Surprise Royal
24 Jul 1994 Westminster (St Margaret) 1259 Grandsire Caters
24 Jul 1994 Westminster (St Stephen) 1260 Middlesex Bob Triples
23 Jul 1994 Kilburn (St Augustine) 1280 Westminster Surprise Major
23 Jul 1994 Knightsbridge (Queen's Tower, Imperial College) 1294 Stedman Caters
23 Jul 1994 Pimlico (St Saviour) 1280 London Surprise Major
23 Jul 1994 Westminster (St Martin in the Fields) 1320 Little Bob Maximus

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